More Winners Bigger Reward 10th Bonus Winner:
Mr. Nambeye.

Congratulations! You are the ◆10th◆ bonus winner of the “More Winners, Bigger Reward” campaign (March-April). Earned a Total of $340.

Mr. Nambeye(Zambia)


  1. What did you do to promote your sales that you made you become a winner this time? And how did you promote your BFS ID efficiently?
    ⇒ What I did to promote my sales was to encourage people to buy from BE FORWARD especially those from my work place and all my neighbors.


  1. Where do you usually work? Do you own an office? How do you easily refer your friends to BE FORWARD?
    ⇒ We/I work as an agent of course and I’ve got an office. I’ve given my BF Supporter’s ID to all my clients and friends.


  1. What do you think about our new system “BF Points”? Is it useful for you? Why?
    ⇒ The new points system is a brilliant idea, although I haven’t used it yet. But will use it soon because I’ve got lots of points.


  1. Do you have any suggestions to improve our services?
    ⇒ Your services are good and with fantastic discounts and you ship the vehicles on time. I’ve got nothing more to say, just keep it up.



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