More Winners Bigger Reward 9th Bonus Winner:
Mr. Moses Chapomboloka Banda.

Congratulations! You are the ◆9th◆ bonus winner of the “More Winners, Bigger Reward” campaign (March-April). Earned a Total of $490.

Mr. Moses Chapomboloka Banda(Malawi)


  1. What did you do to promote your sales that you made you become a winner this time? And how did you promote your BFS ID efficiently?
    ⇒ By being honest and friendly to my friends and clients, they have carried me all the away to the end of this campaign.


  1. Where do you usually work? Do you own an office? How do you easily refer your friends to BE FORWARD?
    ⇒ I am an Entrepreneur. I don’t own an office. I refer my customers to you by choosing cheap units, which are in good condition and I always challenge them to check other websites for comparison.


  1. What do you think about our new system “BF Points”? Is it useful for you? Why?
    ⇒ Somehow yes but on the other hand no because it takes too long for the points to be credited to our accounts despite the confirmation of the payment.
  1. Do you have any suggestions to improve our services?
    ⇒ Improve on the new system and consider us more discounts.



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