July Campaign 3rd Bonus Winner: Mr. Kondwani Mbuluma

Congratulations to Mr. Kondwani Mbuluma from Malawi! He is the 3rd prize winner in our July campaign. He successfully sold 5 units and earned a total of $370.

* How do you feel winning a Bonus?
I feel good since I know I worked hard. Buying cars from you is easy and being part of BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS team makes me feel good, that’s why I am working hard. I would like to thank all my customers as well for trusting me and I am very appreciative of this opportunity.

* How will you use the Bonus?
This bonus will be used for the finishing of my office. I want to have a unique office that the customers will feel that I am there for them.

Please tell us about yourself, experiences and your dreams and hopes for your Future.

My name is Kondwani Mbuluma, born on March 23, 1986. I took up Computer Studies and Business Management at University of Malawi and obtained an Advance Diploma. I worked in different organizations like PostdotNet and Western Union in Malawi. My dream has been to join a big company in the car industry and eventually to become a partner in the car importation business in Malawi. Lastly, I see my future teaching my son taking over whenever I grow old.

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  1. Mubyana

    Be forward the best company for each and every country and its a best app to choose the car you want…


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