You have more ways to earn now! Sell Auto Parts or Electronics too!

We are pleased to announce that now BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS can earn even by selling Auto Parts and Electronics!

When you purchase or refer the items at, you can earn 3 % of items’ price.

If you are already a BF SUPPORTER, you don’t need to sign up but just login and visit You will find various items such as Engines, Transmissions, Headlights, Watches, iPhones, Smartphones and more.

If you haven’t registered, please sign up from here and start earning today!


The good thing is that you can also redeem points with Auto Parts or Electronics.

If you have BF Points, please have a look at our lineup of Auto Parts or Electronics. The price starts from $33~, so you may be able to find the item/s you can get for free by using your points.


For more information, please visit here


Check out some of the items we have:


Watch                                         Smartphone                              Laptop





$33~                                      $99~                                    $406~

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One thought on “You have more ways to earn now! Sell Auto Parts or Electronics too!

  1. Osward wiza Simukoko

    Am happy for be forward because this time we don’t pay the transaction money all we do is just deposit the money ad sent the deposits receipts ,be forward makes things easy


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