July Campaign 5th Bonus Winner: Mr. Mbonyumugenzi Protogene

Congratulations to Mr. Mbonyumugenzi Protogene from Malawi for winning the 5th Bonus in our July campaign. He successfully sold 3 units and earned a total of $220.

* How do you feel winning a Bonus?
I’m very grateful and excited with the win of this bonus. It’s very encouraging! BE FORWARD, keep it up! You are winner of the market!

* How will you use the Bonus?
The bonus will help me purchase a new Android phone, which will help me to be always on the market.

* Please tell us about yourself, experiences and your dreams and hopes for your Future.

As you may see on my picture, I’m a medical doctor professionally and I do business on my free time especially helping people to choose a better car online. I’ve always dreamed to have a strong business and I will be able to select and order the vehicles and re-sell them in my village.

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