BFS Gold Members Started Receiving Certificates!

We are excited to receive HAPPY Voices from our BFS Gold Members!
323 BF SUPPORTERS have been upgraded to Gold Membership while 347 to Silver Membership.

If you become a BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Gold Member or Silver Member, you can enjoy more privileges. Some of the benefits you can get as a Gold Member are exclusive marketing materials and a Certificate issued officially by BE FORWARD.

The Certificate and Gold Membership stickers can be used to advertise yourself more as proofs of high performance recognized by BE FORWARD.

BE FORWARD honors those Supporters who consistently maintain the volume of their referrals and reward. The additional criteria for the upgrade of membership is high Close Rate (Percentage of successful referral out of issued Proforma Invoices).

The BFS who were upgraded to Gold membership on the 2nd Grading Period of 2017 (Grading Period: June 1st to Dec 31st, 2017), who have already received their Certificate, Polo-shirt and limited edition of stickers sent us their testimonials, which we are excited to share with you!


“Thank you for these presents for the gold members.”


BFS ID 148849, Cesar Nhantumbo from Mozambique

“I feel very happy for the award! I will continue to give my best to maintain this membership.”


BFS ID11258, MUTARA MISHECK from Zimbabwe.


BFS ID126667, Celestino Andre Lipulane from Mozambique

BFS ID 454494, SIVWIRA RACHEL, from D.R.Congo
“Thank you.”


BFS ID 502316, George Challenger, from Commonwealth Of Dominica


BFS ID 276960, Dennis Gontha, from Malawi
“I feel good being a Certified Gold Member.”


BFS ID 426105, BUKURU SADIKI, from Burund
“I am very happy with my goods.”


BFS ID 228982, John Dungawin from Micronesia
“Thank you very much.”


BFS ID 404748, Abdul Isaac, from Mozambique
“It is a pleasure to represent you and become a gold certified member. It gives me a confident position to continue selling your products. ”


“I received all the goods and I’m sharing them with my colleagues and friends. ”


BFS ID 23159, silas chivaka from Zimbabwe


BFS ID 21040, Marange Knowledge Dzangu from Zimbabwe


BFS ID166480, Marshall petronilia from Aruba


BFS ID 12688, Fungai Dick from Zimbabwe




BFS ID 518700, Kayongo Kayombo from Zambia


BFS ID 330140, Micah Njeule from Kenya


BFS ID 133078, charles tuti from Kenya


BFS ID 11177, Richard Sagwati from Zimbabwe
“Thank you very much for the Gold member certificate, Polo-shirt, wrist band, stickers and the big poster. I really like them.”


BFS ID 14451, Abishayi Kamwaya from Zimbabwe


BFS ID 13960, L. T. Nyakandipa from Zimbabwe
“Thank you for the marketing materials. I will continue to work hard in marketing BE FORWARD’s beautiful and affordable products.”


BFS ID 195782, ABIBU OSCAR MGALLAH from Tanzania


BFS ID 269379, Raan Majuan Gol Bol from South Sudan
“I feel proud being a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER. I will use my Gold Certificate to bring more customers to BE FORWARD and advertise myself more than ever before.”

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