Wondering how to sign up and become a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER? In these few easy steps, you will become a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER in no time!

  1. First you must have a BE FORWARD account. To register for a BE FORWARD account, click on the  Login/Sign Up icon located on the top right corner of the homepage as shown below.

2. On the “My Page Sign Up (Free)” form, the step 1 is to fill in your email address, password and then click Sign Up.

Note: If you already have a BE FORWARD account, just click Login at the bottom of the form and refer straight to number 3 at the bottom of this page for further instructions.

Sign Up – Step1 – Email


* Note: We recommend customers to create a password with at least four-digit number and four letters and make a memo of the Password for future reference.

The step 2 on the Sign Up is Verification. After clicking on the Sign Up button, you will receive an email asking you to complete the sign up process by clicking a verification link WITHIN 60 MINUTES from the time you clicked the Sign Up, otherwise, you will be required to start the sign up process again.

Sign Up – Step 2 – Verification


* Note: This is the sample of the email that you will receive:

Email confirmation

The step 3 on the Sign Up is Your Details. Fill in your full name, country, city and click Complete.

Sign Up – Step 3 – Your Details


Upon clicking Complete, you will be prompted with a “You have successfully signed up” message as shown below. Click “Go to My Page” and refer to number 3 on how to register for BF SUPPORTER.


* Note: Now that you have a BE FORWARD account, you can easily access BE FORWARD’s programs and systems such as Wish List, Notify Me, etc.

3. With your account information, login and go to My Page. On the My Page, click the BF SUPPORTER’s Banner to go to the registration page of the BF SUPPORTERS as shown below.


4.Upon clicking the BF SUPPORTERS banner, you will be asked to enter your Mode of Payment, Mobile No, etc. as shown below. After filling in all the required details, please click save.

Payment Info 2

Please make sure to choose the right payment method/s available for your country. All rewards will be sent to the registered Mobile Money account or through MoneyGram Money Transfer. Please refer to the following payment methods required for your respective country.

Refer to the Payment Methods table below:

Payment table

For more information about BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Program and what you have to do after sign up, please check out this blog post YOU HAVE SIGNED UP!! WHAT’S NEXT?


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4 thoughts on “How To Sign Up And Become A BE FORWARD SUPPORTER


    luckily to join


    1. beforward

      Welcome to the Team Mr Edward! Please let us know if you need any assistance. May we know from which country you are signed as a BF Supporter? Thank you.


    1. beforward

      Dear Elvice,

      Thank you for your comment. If there is anything we can help please contact us on for assistance, Thank you.


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