Write For Us & Earn Extra Reward Points!


Write for us and get a chance to earn up to 10 points (=$10) per article and to be published on our official BE FORWARD blog! This “Write For Us & Earn Extra Reward Points” campaign is open to all BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS.


How to Apply

    1. You must be a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER and have a BFS ID to apply. If you are not a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER yet, click here to sign up.
    2. Write and submit a blog article about your personal experience based on the following topics using your country as reference.TOPICS
      – Your experience of using BF Points. (Any products such as Vehicles, Electronics, Auto Parts and other items from BE FORWARD website)
      – Reviews of Electronics/Auto Parts purchased from BE FORWARD
      – The proceess when you buy Electronics/Auto Parts from BE FORWARD
      – The Customs procedure and tax when you received the items you purchased from BE FORWARD
      – Sales TIPS to sell Electronics/Auto Parts in your country


  1.  Fill out the application form below and upload your submission with a file name containing your name.


  • Blog articles must be written for BE FORWARD customers, supporters and readers.
  • Blog articles must be written in English, French or Portuguese, must contain not less than 1,000 words and must be in MS Word (.doc or .docx) or text (.txt) file and not more than 500 KB file size.
  • Blog articles must be original, informative, not a duplicate from the Internet or any other source of duplication and must not have been previously published.
  • Blog articles must contain original and free from copyright issue images with .jpg or .png file and not more than 5 MB in size. All images must be zipped upon submission.


All submissions will undergo a thorough evaluation based on the following criteria:

The more criteria you meet, the more you can earn extra points. (Starts from 3 points up to 10 points)

  1. Plagiarism Check. Any submission with plagiarism or copyright issue will be disqualified.
  2. Informative Content. Submissions must be informative and interesting for BE FORWARD customers and readers.
  3. Grammar & Writing Style. Submissions must have a good grammar, vocabulary and writing style, free from spelling mistakes, incorrect and negative information.
  4. Images. Submissions must contain at least 2 images that are original (images that are not obtained from the Internet) and must be free from copyright issue.

Approval Process, Payment of Reward & Publication

  1. All submissions that will pass the evaluation will receive up to 10 points per blog article and will be introduced/published on our official BFS blog.
  2. All submissions that will pass the evaluation will be contacted by email within a week following the evaluation.
  3. BF Points will be added after the introduction/publication.

Rights Granted By You:

By joining you understood and agreed that BE FORWARD will have the right to own and edit your submissions and you consent to print, publish on BE FORWARD websites/blog sites and use your submissions including your biographical information for advertising, public relations or any promotional purposes without any further compensation.

Click here to view the sample article.


Submission Form

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    * Would you like to be a Regular Writer?

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    9 thoughts on “Write For Us & Earn Extra Reward Points!

    1. Emausy Kivike

      After uploading zipped file I get the following error, “You are not allowed to upload files of this type.” please assist


      1. Be Forward

        Thank you for your comment. We will check the problem and contact you soon.


      2. Emausy Kivike

        Thank you for the assistance and finally uploaded. NB I had a pdf file inside the images folder.


    2. Kelvin Chilandu

      Thanks for your genuine and affordable goods your company is bringing to our country Zambia,keep it up and God bless BFS.hoping to earn points in future.am a proud beforward supporter


    3. Lerato Thomas Moerane

      I bought this watch from Beforward with my points that have been saved for when buying cars from them.I like the watch because it is brand new.So I’m going to purchase more electronics from Beforward.


    4. Thom mayanda

      bought iphone7 and 2 watch from Beforward with my points that have been saved for when buying cars from them I like the watch because it is brand new my iphone is not performing as i was expecting and i incured duties on it that has made it expesive than buying it from here So I’m going to purchase more electronics from Beforward.


    5. Alan Sibajene

      I have bought mobile phones and wrist watch from beforeward by using my bf pontss the price was very good and up to now am still enjoying the products,thank you beforeward for such promotions.


    6. Hudson Claxton

      Consistency could be in respect of lots of things when talking about website.
      You will write some articles in the very same time. Perhaps create a snazzy blog and make new
      posts, and educate your subscribers of it.


      1. WBN_Charisse

        Thank you for the very good advice.

        Kindly check the Latest News on Japanese Used Cars, Trucks, Buses, and More from BE FORWARD:


        Thank you!


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