August Campaign 1st Bonus Winner:
Mr.Tapiwa Mapingire

Congratulations to Mr. Tapiwa Mapingire from Zimbabwe for winning a Bonus                           in our August campaign! Earned a Total Bonus of $1,300.


1. Tell us if you have ever used your BF Points and how.
⇒ Yes. I have used points to buy my company car last month.


2. Tell us about your daily routine or must-to-do things you do every day                                                in order to promote your sales.
 ⇒ I check daily the dropping and reduced car prices in the market and send updates to my clients.


3. What are the advantages of our services compared to other competitors?
 ⇒ BE FORWARD is the company we can trust and we have known well.                                                 BE FORWARD has been in business with us for a long time.






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One thought on “August Campaign 1st Bonus Winner:
Mr.Tapiwa Mapingire

  1. Mukela subulwa

    I like this b forward, I have been wanting to join as b forward supporter but I always failed to go through when submitting my e mail address.


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