How I bought my iPhone 6s+ with BF Points and PayPal

Greetings to all BE FORWARD customers! Most of you know that BE FORWARD is a leading Japanese car exporter. Thank you for being loyal customers.

The good news is that BE FORWARD not only sell cars but also Auto Parts (bumpers, OBD Scanners, Sport Rims, gearbox, etc.), electronic products (camera, smartphones, drones, etc.) and many home appliances are available at an affordable price. Being a trusted vehicle exporter now brings you more service. Let me share my experience how I got my iPhone 6s plus from BE FORWARD.

These instructions are for BF Supporters; to assist them in serving their customers. And if you are not one of the BF Supporters team, do not worry as you have your chance to join by clicking here.
If you already created My Account, please login from here)

We will focus on the following areas to make the process easy and please note that tax and duty are specific for Tanzania, I would advise you to substitute those values with respect to your country.



i) Selection of items

Select an item you want from BE FORWARD Electronics.

(I selected an iPhone 6s Plus with 16GB at the price of $317 for this time.) 

ii) Calculating the total cost

Well, to get the total cost, there are three parts involved here.

1st: FOB (Free On Board) is the price of the item: $317

2nd: Shipping costs (Freight), here for my phone it was FREE

3rd: Import Tax

The purchased items usually undergo assessment once they arrive at Dar es Salaam (Mwl Julius Nyerere International Airport) by the customs officers and you will be notified by your courier. In my case it was DHL as the clearing agent. Once you get the notification, you will pay the amount to DHL via MPESA using the Air Way Bill (AWB) number provided for tracking.

The exchange rate for that day was $1= 2,277.64 TZS

Note here that CIF is the same as FOB since shipping is free.

We have FOB of $317 = 722,011.88 TZS

The assessment shows that:

Custom Processing Fee (CPF) is 0.6% of CIF = (722,011 * 0.6)/100 = 4,332 TZS

Import Duty (IMP) 0.0% of CIF = (722,011 * 0.0)/100 = 0 TZS

Railway Development Lavy (RDL) is 1.5% of CIF = (722,011 * 1.5)/100 = 10,830 TZS

Value Added Tax (VAT) is 18% of (CIF+CPF+IMP+RDL) = ((722,011+4,332+0+10,830)*18)/100 =132,692 TZS

Therefore, the Total Taxes (4,332+0+10,830+132,692) = 147,854 TZS

Other charges for DHL were 23,885 TZS which constitute Regulatory fee, Formal clearance and VAT on Revenue Items.

iii) How to pay

There are different ways to pay for items but for me I used two of them, BF Points and PayPal.

a) BF Points is the easiest way to make payment and it takes less time to get confirmed.

You have to be a BE FORWARD Supporter in order to collect these points. Make referral as many people as you can to earn more points. The larger the FOB price, the higher the number of BF Points, where on one item you can even get up to 100 BF Points. Note that 1 BF Point is equivalent to $1. If you have not joined BE FORWARD Supporters program, click here.
(If you already created My Account, please login from here). The advantage for this is that no money transfer charges at all.

b) PayPal – Another simple way to make payment. When making inquiry, choose to make payment with PayPal and you will get a link to your email.

For those who don’t have a PayPal account, its very easy – just go to the bank of your choice, e.g., CRDB, NMB, NBC, etc. and ask them to enable your card to make purchase online. They will give you a form to fill in your details and reasons thereafter and wait for them to complete the process, usually within a week. You will need to create an account at
If you get an error, that your card is not enabled so just wait for a few more days and keep trying because sometimes you will not get an email about your card being ready for online purchase. I did pay the remainder via PayPal. It was very easy as I just clicked the link and entered my PayPal credentials to confirm payment.

c) Bank – During inquiry choose bank transfer. Here you go direct to your bank and request for a Telegraphic Transfer bank slip for international. You will be required to fill in the details from the invoice issued by BE FORWARD. But if you are not sure with the account number, check : and see the name with account number too. Note here there are transfer charges.

iv) Shipping

BE FORWARD takes care of the shipping process after completing payments within the specified time as per your choice of shipping method. But my case, I did choose by Airway which took 10 days as stated during purchase. You will be presented with a tracking number through your email to see how far it reached. DHL is one of the couriers that has many delivery outlets in Tanzania and they did bring my parcel on time.

v) Delivery

Before receiving your item, there are customs tax charges that you will be required to pay, as DHL being your clearing agent of your item, you will be contacted via email and by phone too to let you know how much tax you are supposed to pay. You will do payment of tax by sending the money to DHL as they will do payment on your behalf. DHL payments for Tanzania can be paid through Mpesa and all instructions will be presented to you by DHL sales personnel. Note that your airway bill number (AWB) will be used as a reference during payment. After completion, you will be called to collect your parcel at the nearest DHL outlet.


vi) Advantages

Buying from BE FORWARD has numerous advantages such as:

– No loss of your hard earned money because BE FORWARD is a trusted exporter with more than 14 years on this export business.

– Get original products whether you buy used or brand new.

– Fast and timely delivery

– Cheap price

– Easy to make payments choosing either BF Points, Paypal or Bank Transfer




Name: Emausy Kivike

Phone: +255 719 870 890

BFS ID: 152714 (For discount instantly)





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