Reviews from BF SUPPORTERS who recently enjoyed shopping at BE FORWARD Electronics! (2)




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CITIZEN Q&Q Falcon VP 84-853 Orange/ Black Watch $39

BFS ID 212385 Jodi Mkandawire from Zambia

So far I purchased three electronic items from you. First I purchased Ulefone S8 Pro for $175 and 32 GB Samsung Micro SD card for $30, then I got Gold wrist watch and a Citizen Q&Q wrist watch which I’m wearing now. I purchased from BE FORWARD because I could use points to buy it. The price everywhere else is expensive. The condition was great and it was brand new. The delivery was on time and I opened the package myself. I didn’t pay duty for the purchased items. BF points are very helpful for getting discounts and buying things. I didn’t pay a single dollar to buy all these items. I just used my BF points. The more points you give, the more helpful they become.

Hooray!!!! I have an expensive beautiful watch.  Thanks BE FORWARD!!


20081009Used Apple iPhone6 16GB Gold4jpg

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Used Apple iPhone 6 16GB Gold $184

BFS ID 490768 NAOMI BARASA from Kenya

I purchased iPhone 6 from BE FORWARD because the prices were fair and I am a BF supporter.
The price was better than a local price and the condition of the phone was very good. Also, the tax and duties in my country were fair. I used my BF points for a discount of the items from BE FORWARD. The iPhone is very good and many people ask me how I got my iPhone. I already have orders from my customers.



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MSDJK Smart Watch FT-w123  $86

BFS ID 797286 Geoffrey Kabengele from Zambia

I bought MSDJK Smart Watch FT-w123 for $87 from BE FORWARD, because the watch is original and there were no hidden costs. The price was cheaper than the local market and it came with free shipping and an exclusive BFS discount. I did not pay any extra charge for duties and tax. BF points are really great for making hustle free purchases. With the MSDJK Smart Watch FT-w123, I got myself a personal trainer.



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DOOGEE X60L Smart Phone Gold $200

BFS ID 248398 ACKNORIS SIAME from Zambia

I purchased 3 phones from BE FORWARD because they’re cheaper comparing to the local price, which was a bit higher. The condition of the products were perfectly good, and tax and duties were fair. I earn my points by buying many vehicles from BE FORWARD because it’s my favorite company. I really enjoy the products I purchased as they are just right for me.
Even just now I am writing this message, I am using my DOOGEE Smart Phone. With this Smart Phone, I easily get on the Internet fast.



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One thought on “Reviews from BF SUPPORTERS who recently enjoyed shopping at BE FORWARD Electronics! (2)

  1. Tinei Musarara

    Be forward thank u guys for your services,i received all of my cars in a good condition although there were some delays during the process of transportation but now i got all of cars.What you did to me you can also do the same to others, i will support you guys.


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