September Campaign 3rd Bonus Winner: Mr.Simba Chinzou

Congratulations to Mr.Simba Chinzou from Zimbabwe for winning a Bonus
in our September campaign! Earned a Total Bonus of $1200.


1.When did you start working as a BF Supporter and why?
I started way back in 2013 and by then I was just doing it for fun. I had a very long break                between 2016 and 2018 and I revived it again because I discovered that it was a good                       employment opportunity that can make you earn as you sell.


2.Tell us how you gained your first customer.
 My first customer was just impressed by the condition of my car that I had received from BE FORWARD and he asked me to buy a similar car for him.                                                               I did that and he was happy to receive a nice car.


3.What are the tips that work well when you are negotiating with your customers?
Respect the client, give him time to choose a car, tell the advantages of buying from BE FORWARD     and be very honest.


4.How do you handle the situation when other BF Supporter approaches the same customer?                Is there such a case?
I respect him and give him the chance to convince the client because we have competition in               business. But when I get my opportunity I try to utilize it fully.                                                          So many cases like that happens because we fish from the same pool.


5.What do you think about selling our products (from Japan) in your country?
 It’s a good idea and a great opportunity to be associated with the project. I feel very much honored.


6.Any new feature you would like on the usage of points? (Except discount)
 If possible we would like to use the points to pay for business and holiday trips to Japan.





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