How Are The Bonus Winners Being Selected?

We constantly receive these questions regarding the Bonus Ranking:

“How are the Bonus Winners being selected?”

“I sold as many vehicles as the 1st place winner but why am I on the 2nd place?”

We can answer these questions based on the Terms & Conditions of the BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Program. On the Terms & Conditions under the section: “Rewards & Bonuses,” it explains the method on how the Bonus winners are being selected.

We understand that it’s not common for most of us to read the Terms & Conditions of any campaign because of its volume of texts but we can simplify it for your better understanding.

Here are the Terms & Conditions in selecting the Bonus Winners:

  1. Bonuses are given to the BF SUPPORTERS with the most referrals and highest sales at the end of every campaign, which is monthly.
  2. The winner/s of the Bonuses are being selected based on the number of referrals and sales they made at the end of every month. The BFS with the most referrals and highest sales will win the Bonuses.
  3. In case of a tie on the most referrals (Units Sold), the BFS with the highest total FOB price sold will receive the Bonus.

BFS 1st Place
Sold: 15 Units
With Total FOB Price: $50,000

BFS 2nd Place
Sold: 15 Units
With Total FOB Price: $35,000

The BFS 1st Place will receive the highest Bonus because the Total FOB Price is higher than BFS 2nd Place.

We hope that this covers all your concerns regarding the selection of Bonus Winners.
To view the Full Terms & Conditions please click HERE.

Note: Updated Bonus Ranks are usually shared on the BFS WhatsApp groups and BFS Facebook page. (WhatsApp group is only available to Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya and Mozambique)

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