Reviews from BF SUPPORTERS who recently enjoyed shopping at BE FORWARD Electronics! (3)



iPhone 5s $157 South Sudan_ facebook ad 500 x 500

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Apple iPhone5s 16GB Silver $157

BFS ID 364860 Ismail Jafar from South Sudan

I bought iPhone 5s from BE FORWARD, because the price was very cheap and the product has good quality than what we have in my country. I didn’t have to pay for tax and duties.
I find BF Points helpful. The items are very nice and I like them very much.



review3Daniel Batekereza

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R-Ontheedge Men’s Watch Stainless Steel Band Wristwatch Gold SMSB02Y026(Smalody)$124

BFS ID 272345 Daniel Batekereza from Uganda

I purchased a Smalody Men’s Watch Gold with my points. My points covered the full purchase price.
I chose BF FORWARD because I trust the quality of BE FORWARD products. The price was much cheaper compared to the local market in my country.
The watch is brand new and in excellent condition. I didn’t pay tax since I purchased only one item.
The reward points are very helpful in encouraging me to keep buying and promoting BE FORWARD products.
I feel happy to be wearing the most valued watch. I  will encourage other people to register as a BF Supporter and buy products from BE FORWARD so that they can also benefit.



iPhone 6 $210 South Sudan _ facebook ad 500 x 500

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Apple iPhone6 16GB Gold  $210

BFS ID 508810 Nelson Murula Taitolo from South Sudan

I purchased iPhone 6 16GB 4.7 inch because BE FORWARD has been my favorite site and their prices are manageable.
The prices were fair compared from the ones offered at local stores. The condition was okay and tax was not bad.
I think BF points are very important and impartial for all BF Supporters as it helps reduce the cost you pay.
I was amazed to see the items packed nicely when I received it. I recommend my friends to get connected with BE FORWARD and purchase their products. BE FORWARD sells nice looking,genuine products that look better than what we have here.



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2 thoughts on “Reviews from BF SUPPORTERS who recently enjoyed shopping at BE FORWARD Electronics! (3)

  1. Admire Masarirambi

    I would like to thank beforward team for their amaizing services they offer …i have expanded my business since i started working beforward …Your vehicles your offer are always in good condition ..i never had any problem with your cars …Thank you once again beforward


  2. Karaba Sylivason

    Iam personally happy to receive my Smalody Men’s Gold Watch and i always recommend people to utilize Be forward for their professional work.
    The watch is 100% okay and have unique features

    Many thanks Be forward, i will always remain your customer.
    Karaba Sylivason


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