March Campaign 2nd Bonus Winner: Mr. Evans Mbasopi

Congratulations to Mr. Evans Mbasopi from Zimbabwe! He is the 2nd prize winner in our April’s campaign. He successfully sold 4 units and earned a total of $360.

・What will you use the bonus for?
I will buy a printer and color photocopying machine for me to use when printing my campaign materials. I want to distribute more and more BE FORWARD campaign materials to my old and new clients informing them of the new campaigns on offer. I will also make huge prominent bill boards for example a hotspot campaign materials bearing my BFS so that I can erect them at my car sale premises.

・ How is your feeling for next your campaign?

Next campaign am going to work a bit hard so that I can be number 1.
・What is the secret of your success?
Secret of my success is hard work, commitment with Be forward staff so as to get discounts on most of my vehicles that I purchase on behalf of my customers.

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