November Campaign 1st Bonus Winner:
Patsi Investment

Congratulations to Patsi Investment from Lesotho for winning a Bonus in our November campaign! Earned a Total Bonus of $877.


1. What do you think are the popular gadgets that are usually being imported from Japan? Are there any must-buy items beside Smartphones and watches? List the names of products.?
⇒Popular gadgets have always been smartphones and watches, but lately customers have shown interests in drones and laptops. People in Lesotho mainly purchase smartphones from our local network service providers.


2. Did you know that you can buy iPhone value packs from BE FORWARD at a reasonable price? Have you tried selling iPhone to your customers? How was it compared to the quality and price of the iPhone in your local market?
⇒  We are aware that we can buy iPhone value packs, we have not gotten any negative response from our clients with regard to the performance of the iPhones.


3. Do you have any difficulties in selling vehicles, auto parts or electronic items such as smartphone, laptop, photocopier, etc. If yes, why?
⇒There is not much difficulty in selling any of the stated goods. It’s just that from time to time we receive goods in a different state as was displayed in the pictures. e.g. some missing items. i.e. spare wheel or spare key.


4. How do you market and promote your sales? What is your strongest point in your sales (Vehicles, Auto Parts, Electronics)?
⇒We mainly use social media (Facebook) we also have flyers and also engage in social responsibility activities giving out sanitary towels. We also have printed T-shirts that give great awareness about our existence. The affordable prices we offer are by far our strongest point.


5. Do you use Free Marketing Materials often?
⇒We do use free marketing materials. We give out flyers around the streets and also give out T-Shirts. Our promotional materials have a BE FORWARD logo alongside ours and that creates some sort of trust from people who know less or don’t know at all about us.


6.How do you usually get updated on our Promotions/Campaigns?
⇒ We get your information from our email addresses and from your website.


8.How was your year 2018 with BE FORWARD? What would you like to do with us in 2019?
Do you have any good ideas regarding new campaign/promotion?
⇒ 2018 has been a good year for us working with BE FORWARD even though we faced slow sales at some point due to the hike in the Dollar Value. The BE FORWARD team was able to bear with us and we were able to offer our clients vehicles at prices that meet their budget. Supporting BE FORWARD Supporters with their marketing activities will definitely boost their sales hence that of BE FORWARD.



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