[IMPORTANT] Restricted Behavior for BF SUPPORTERS

As the Program Agreement clearly shows, BE FORWARD has set restricted behavior for BF SUPPORTERS and demonstrated how they are expected to work. We encourage BF SUPPORTERS to promote BE FORWARD and its products by using marketing materials we provide. However, to use the marketing materials for fraudulent behavior or to introduce yourself as a BE FORWARD’s official agent (even if you are not) is strictly prohibited.

The objective of BF SUPPORTER’s program is for BF SUPPORTERS to deliver more customers to BE FORWARD than what BE FORWARD could otherwise bring in. Most of the BF SUPPORTERS have made efforts to promote BE FORWARD and earn rewards in the right way, but it is regrettable that a few SUPPORTERS use the program against itself and commit fraud.

We heard cases that BF SUPPORTERS introduce themselves as BE FORWARD’s official agents, modify marketing materials and use them to make people believe they are official agents, and then collect money from the customers and run away without making an order or without delivering the products to them.

BE FORWARD is strongly against any unlawful activity, which causes any damage or liability to BE FORWARD, its official agents and other BF SUPPORTERS.

If any BE FORWARD SUPPORTER found guilty of committing fraud or any unlawful activity, which made evident by a police report, government authority or by the victim/s of the unlawful activity themselves, BE FORWARD shall take the following actions:

  1. BE FORWARD shall terminate the BF SUPPORTER’s membership right away.
  2. BE FORWARD shall freeze the BF SUPPORTER’s account and any reward earned by then.
  3. BE FORWARD shall publicize the unlawful activity by any means possible such as through newsletter, magazine, or radio and reveal the real name of the BF SUPPORTER who has found guilty of the unlawful activity.
  4. BE FORWARD may file a lawsuit against such BF SUPPORTER in case of egregious fraud.



Such unlawful activities damage not only BE FORWARD and its official agents, but also the credibility of other BF SUPPORTERS. If the cases get worse, BE FORWARD may terminate the program. To avoid such a consequence, please read and understand the Program Agreement once again. Also, please report suspicious activities by other BF SUPPORTERS to top@beforward.jp if you find any.

To the General Public:

BE FORWARD shall not be accountable for any issues occurred during deals between BF SUPPORTERS and their customers/referrals such as orders, payments, etc. Please report to us any unlawful activities by any of our BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS. If you have any concerns, please contact us at top@beforward.jp.

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2 thoughts on “[IMPORTANT] Restricted Behavior for BF SUPPORTERS

  1. Shaleshando Tsheko

    i have read regulation of how the agents commit unlawfully to collect money from customers and fail to deposit and run away with money. As am a member of be forward supporter i will directing my customer to pay through recommended agents office for payments preparation.
    thank you for your advice.
    Shaleshando Tsheko


    1. WBN_Charisse

      if you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at top@beforward.jp rest assured that our team will assist you. Thank You!


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