December Campaign 1st Bonus Winner:
Patsi Investment

Congratulations to Patsi Investment from Lesotho for winning a Bonus in our December campaign! Earned a Total Bonus of $630.


1. How do you usually make your customers trust you and buy cars/products from you?
⇒By posting the cars that we have ordered from BE FORWARD on social media platforms and showing that we make timely deliveries. In that way we gain their trust and we get new customers.


2.What is the most important thing that makes you gain the trust of your new customers when you sell our products?
⇒ It is to make deliveries on time.


3.Do you have any customer who is looking for Auto Parts? What kind of Auto Parts products are they looking for? Did you know that BF can try to find the Auto Parts if you cannot find the products in our website?
⇒We do have customers who are looking for Auto parts, and yes we are aware that BE FORWARD can provide clients with Auto Parts. Our clients usually look for Engines, Key Ignitions, Bumpers and Vendors.


4. When is the best time for customers in your country to purchase smartphones? Is there a certain time of the year they most likely to purchase?
Festive season (October, November and December) is the season when customers are most likely to purchase smartphones.


5.Which brand and model of smartphone is popular in your country and why? How much memory (GigaBytes) is enough for a smartphone do you think? And why?
Samsung, Huawei and iPhones. 16GB is most preferable because a lot of smartphones that are sold locally have small Internal Memories of about 4GB and it’s not convenient.


6.Where do you usually get our information on promotion/campaign?
On the BE FORWARD website.


7.What do you use your BF points for the most? And why? (Do you use your BF points on the vehicle/Auto parts or other products as discounts?)
We use the points to buy cars or pay for them.


8.Do you have any request on what we need to improve in our service/system?
Our only request is for BE FORWARD agents that we work with to confirm payment of cars on time.


9.Now we are in a new year of 2019! Do you have something new you would like to try this year? And why?
We would like to expand our business by marketing it more through advertisements, so that we can get more clients.



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