New Gold Members and the Next Grading Period

Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

The announcement for the 2nd grading period (1st July – 31st December 2018) has started. All newly upgraded to gold membership will be informed within January 2019!

For the BF Supporters who have already received their Gold Membership Certificate and other exclusive and limited edition goods for the 1st grading term (1st Jan~30th June, 2018), thank you so much, it has been our pleasure to receive your HAPPY voices.

The first term of Grading period this year is now ongoing. We hope that for those who missed getting their membership upgraded to Gold last time will get upgraded this time.


First Grading Period: 1st January – 30th June, 2019
Announcement: Middle of July, 2019

If you would like to receive these exclusive and limited edition goods for Gold members, check out the criteria for upgrade below.


Gold Membership Criteria
・Must make more than 8 Referrals during the above grading period
・Must earn more than $100 reward during the above grading period
  (bonus reward earned by promotion does not count)
・Must make close rate higher than 80% during the above grading period
  (this means you have to make sure to make payment for the issued Proforma Invoices)

If you meet all the three criteria above, you can become a Gold member!


Now you have more ways to meet the 3 criteria by selling not only Vehicles, but also Auto Parts and Electronics such as iPhone, PC, watches, etc.
Vehicle :
Auto parts :
Store (Other products):


To view your membership status now, please login to your BFS Account and see how far or close you are for the upgrade.


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