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Apple iPhone6 16GB Gold $178 / Malawi

BFS ID 26590 GIFT NKHOMA from Malawi

I have purchased an iPhone 6 though the first one was faulty but BE FORWARD replaced it with another one. I love it. It’s like 100% new and has no scratches. Battery is very strong. I purchased through BE FORWARD because the prices are affordable and these iPhone are original and have good quality. They are very cheap compared to local prices. $40 was charged as tax and duties. By purchasing iPhone my life has changed and it is helping me a lot with my business of importing vehicles from BE FORWARD. I can search vehicles anytime, anywhere with my iPhone. There is no need to use my computer. Our local price is about $250, but the quality is not good. Most of these devices on local market have problems with batteries. It doesn’t last long and they have a lot of scratches and sometimes with cracks on screen.

I trust BE FORWARD because the quality of products they sell is good and they ship it very fast within few days that will allow you to start using you device soon.



BFS ID 319597 Khethollo Tsakatsi

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Apple iPhone6 16GB Gold $178 / Lesotho

BFS ID 319597 Khethollo Tsakatsi Japanese Car Importers from Lesotho

We sell iPhone at our office. We order Japanese imported cars and now electronics from BE FORWARD for our clients. We decided to buy them from BE FORWARD because they are genuine Apple products and most importantly, way cheaper from our local market. The product was wow especially when considering the price. Tax and duties are directly proportional to the price. Furthermore, we usually use BF points when purchasing products from BE FORWARD to take the strain off our client’s backs. The smile on our clients’ faces is the testimony for the happiness with their products.



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Smalody Mens Watch $52 / Tanzania

BFS ID 319597 ERNEST MTEWELE from Tanzania

I purchased watch, it was good price and the price is lower than other local selling price. Also, the condition is so good, beautifully and attractive.
The tax and duties were cheaper, and I used airway. I used my BFS ID and my points to get discounts.

In fact am enjoying too much and i will be ambassador to my country and state!




BFSIDxx JOYMAN PA02128544_e14087

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Rear Bumper Assembly TOYOTA Rush 2006 $78 / Zimbabwe

BFS ID 75906 JOYMAN RUVANDO from Zimbabwe

I bought the Rear Bumper, Left Back Lamp and Radiator for Toyota Rush from BE FORWARD. I purchased them from BE FORWARD because they were hard to find locally. The prices were quite high considering they were used parts. The condition was satisfactory. The duty was quite reasonable. BF points are great.

All parts purchased fitted well on my car and I am very happy that my car is back on the road now.






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