BUY HERE Signage Promotion: Many Supporters Already Received their Signage!

Congratulations to those who already received their “Buy Here” signage and thank you for joining our Signage Giveaway Promotion last year.

Signage Giveaway Promotion
First Term: January 1st, 2018 – March 31st, 2018
Second Term: February 1st, 2018 – April 30th, 2018

Giveaway: 1 Signage for every (3) vehicles sold during the promotion period.

164 BF Supporters have already received their “Buy Here” signage with their BFS ID and contact information on it and started to expand their business by advertising more than before.

For those who missed out on this promotion, you still have a chance to get a signage and other FREE marketing materials by becoming a Gold Member. To learn more about upgrading your membership, visit here


we are excited to share with you their HAPPY VOICES!


BFS ID: 757985, Simon icigumije from Brundi

“Thank you BE FORWARD for certificate”



BFS ID: 332267, Muyingo frank  from Uganda

“Thank you BE FORWARD i recieved it”



BFS ID: 553492, Samuel BWIRA from D.R.Congo

“Merci Beforward pour cette visibilité.
Cependant, je n’ai pas reçu le certificat comme prévu.
Franche collaboration.”




“Bonjour cher partenaire(s)
Nous vous remercions pour la qualité de services
Nous achetons chez plusieurs articles : pièces de rechange automobiles, téléphones, appareil photos, camera et autres parce que nous avez la bonne qualité, bon model. “



BFS ID: 319643, Patsi Investment from Lesotho

“We are very pleased with our signage as it gives our office and/or company
some sort of legitimacy in terms of trading with Be Forward.
We Thank You for your continued support.”



BFS ID: 88021, Collins Gotora from Zimbabwe

“Thank you for the signage it helps for my customers to locate my office.
It is nice and it attracts more customers.”



BFS ID: 489000, Fungayi Chitembure from Zimbabwe




“Nous suggérons à tous nos client, amis et connaissances d’acheter leurs véhicules ainsi que pièces automobile, téléphones portable, des tablettes, Cameras, montres, et autres produit de très bonne qualités.”



BFS ID: 278440, Zavaughn Cheeke from Jamaica

“I love the sign. I think this will surely generate more customers.”



BFS ID: 294861, Stewart Mafeni  from Malawi



BFS ID: 460770, DAVID G. MOSHA from Tanzania

“Thanks a lot for the BUY HERE SIGNAGE.
I received it well and already put it in my office.
I really appreciate it. Am very very happy.”



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