January Campaign 2nd Bonus Winner:
Dennis Gontha

Congratulations to Mr. Dennis Gontha from Malawi for winning a Bonus in our January Campaign!
Earned a Total Bonus of $700.


1. What was the most important thing when you started selling vehicles for the first time?
How did you build the trust on your first sale?
⇒The most important thing to me when I sold my car for the first time was a great sense of satisfaction,
knowing that I had handed over the car to its next owner.


2. Do you have any idea on how to improve our FREE Marketing materials which are available to download
from your My Account page?
⇒I am deeply satisfied with all the marketing materials.


3. Have you ever received BFS special goods such as Polo shirt, signage, certificate, etc.?
⇒I have been receiving BFS special goods for three consecutive times. They do really help to promote sales.


4. What do you think about our services?
⇒Your services are superb. We appreciate the BFS program, nevertheless your competent customers with high sales should be given special discount.


5. Do you have any good idea about the next Bonus winner’s campaign to promote your sales?
⇒I think you should give more discount for the next bonus winners even giving them special discount coupon.



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