Clinton Kampango Apple-iPhone5s-$59--Malawi-_-facebook-ad-500-x-500
iPhone 5s

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Apple iPhone5s 16GB Silver $59 / Mozambique

BFS ID 694142 Clinton Kampango  from Mozambique

I bought an iPhone 5s in the campaign “BUY A CAR & GET iPhone for $39 Campaign”. Because with all certainty I trust Beforward, is a company with products quality and elegance and sell everything in electronics that I need! It cost me very cheap, The Beforward has a very affordable price compared at the price of my location.

The products are very clean and in perfect condition. The rates and taxes were good, counting that DHL is a good carrier.
I find my BF points by accessing my account at and locating my page.

I am very well enjoying the item, it facilitates in the quality it has, of image, music, games and more! Thanks a lot to Beforward!!



Jacob mwakajumba Apple-iPhone5s--$44--Malawi
iPhone 5s


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Apple iPhone5s 16GB Silver $44 / Malawi

BFS ID 618942 Jacob mwakajumba  from Malawi

I bought iPhone 5s in the campaign “BUY A CAR & GET iPhone for $39 Campaign”.  I did it because I trust Beforward products and since I started doing business with Beforward it has never let me down, their products are very cheap and their products are almost newer.

Apart from that, I didn’t pay tax since the item was very cheap so it didn’t reach where you are supposed to pay tax.

So I had points which you earn when you buy anything with Beforward so I used those points to buy my iPhone 5s. I am very happy about that.



MARSHAL REDDELL MAREYA  iPhone-Pair-Pack-Apple-iPhone6・Apple-iPhone5s-$257-Zimbabwe
iPhone Pair Pack

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Apple iPhone5s 16GB Silver(2Pcs Pack) $257 / Zimbabwe

BFS ID 112135 MARSHAL REDDELL MAREYA   from Zimbabwe

I purchased a Pair Pack which had iPhone 5s & iPhone 6. The transaction was so smooth & I was up to date with the progress of the products whilst they were in transit. I bought from BEFORWARD because it’s so credible I buy cars from them as well so I know their credibility.

The products are cheaper because the local price is twice expensive. The duty in Zimbabwe is so expensive I must say it’s not fair at all to importers.

I am really a proud owner of the PAIR PACK will encourage more people to buy electronic stuff from BEFORWARD.



Mlungisi Vilane  Apple-iPhone-Fammily Pack-$465-Swaziland
Family Pack

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[iPhone Family Pack]iPhone6s 16GB Space Gray 1pc・iPhone6 16GB Space Gray 1pc・iPhone 5s 16GB Silver 2pcs $465 / Swaziland

BFS ID 891401 Mlungisi Vilane  from Swaziland

I have purchased the iPhone family pack 3 times already.

I was very impressed by the prompt response and condition of the items that is why I keep coming back for more, I am hoping to start my own business just from buying from you guys.



Eria Samuel Gomori Apple-iPhone-5s-(3Pcs-Pack)and-smart-watch-$242-Zimbabwe

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Apple iPhone5s 16GB Silver(3Pcs Pack) $242 / Zimbabwe

BFS ID 133256 Eria Samuel Gomori  from Zimbabwe

I really appreciate the service you offered, I received the electronics.
I purchased the iPhone 5s and smartwatch. I purchased from Beforward because I am a Beforward supporter.
In fairness, the price is almost the same with similar products. The products are perfectly good. Tax and duties were 25%.
I had accumulated points through buying products from Beforward.

The product is perfect!!






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