February Campaign 1st Bonus Winner:
Dennis Gontha


Congratulations to Mr. Dennis Gontha from Malawi for winning a Bonus in our December Campaign! Earned a Total Bonus of $947.


1. What do you think about our BUY NOW system? 
BUY NOW feature has proved to be the best system for I no longer miss a car of my choice even when BE FORWARD Offices are closed.


2. To promote our Auto parts and BF Store products, what do you think are necessary things to be done?
What do we need to do for BF Supporters?
Just try to offer better discounts, also on auto parts.


3. What do you think about vehicle stock on our website, is it enough to find the car you 
are looking for?
The vehicle stock on BE FORWARD site is enough for me, however you should also try to have more Hiace Vans 1rz engine in your stock.


4. Do you have any difficulties when looking for vehicles on BE FORWARD site?
 Not at all.


5. How do you usually contact your sales representative at BE FORWARD, by email, WhatsApp, phone, other? Why do choose that mode of communication?
   I contact my sales representative by phone and whatsapp for they are the fastest way of communication.


6. Thank you for purchasing many iPhone this year! Have you already received them? Please share your customer reviews by following the Q&A below to earn 3 points! 
 ⇒Yes I received all the iphones.


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