Reviews from BF SUPPORTERS who recently enjoyed shopping at BE FORWARD Electronics & Auto parts!(5)

<b>Reviews from BF SUPPORTERS who recently enjoyed shopping at BE FORWARD Electronics & Auto parts!(5)</b>



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Apple iPhone5s 16GB Silver $98 / Ghana

BFS ID 733199 Ebenezer Tei from Ghana

I found the price cheaper because iPhone 5s was being sold on a promotion campaign. I did a search on the local market and other e-selling platforms.
The condition is a good working and freight and delivery attracted no extra charge (apart from the shipping cost with DHL).

Very exciting and offers an opportunity to buy more items so simply fantastic.



Hendrix Shalupa  ① iphone5s_$98--Zambia

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Apple iPhone5s 16GB Silver $98 / Zambia

BFS ID 778508 Hendrix Shalupa from Zambia

I purchased an Apple iPhone 5s 16GB. The iPhone is an advanced smartphone, very comfortable and easy to use with a very clear photo and video shoots, I’m really enjoying it.
I am enjoying using the products which I purchased from BE FORWARD Company because they are genuine and of high quality.
I am able to shoot HD videos and photos using the iPhone.

I would recommend an iPhone that does a great job for me.




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Electric mens shaver $43 / Zambia

BFS ID 778508 Hendrix Shalupa  from Zambia

I purchased a multifunctional shaver. I purchased these items from BE FORWARD because the company deals in genuine products as evidenced by the car which I bought from BE FORWARD in May 2018 which is still intact.
The prices were manageable but a little bit higher than the local selling prices probably due to the high shipping costs. The condition of the products was excellent and I am very happy with the performance of the products so far. Tax and duty for the items were favourable.

I find BF POINTS very helpful as they are used as some form of a discount on the products and the BF POINTS are also applicable to any item BFS member wishes to purchase. I am enjoying using the products which I purchased from BE FORWARD Company because they are genuine and of high quality.

I am using the shaver to cut my hair with my family.  It has helped me to reduce the expenses of the haircuts from the barber shops hence, convenient and making my life enjoyable.



iPhone 5s

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Apple iPhone5s 16GB Silver $89 / Zimbabwe

BFS ID 773646 Wally Ngubo from Zimbabwe

I purchased an Apple iPhone 5s 16GB iPhone 5s. It was cheap compared to the local price and Be Forward have genuine products. The condition was good though, but it did not have a charger. Tax and duties affordable not bad.

BF points are so helpful they made it simple for me to buy the item. So nice and has other functions not found on my other Android phone.



Emmanuel Lusinga   Apple-iPhone5s-$75--Malawi-_-facebook-ad-500-x-500
iPhone 5s

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Apple iPhone5s 16GB Silver $75 / Malawi

BFS ID 581801 Emmanuel Lusinga from Malawi

I purchased Apple iPhone 5S from Beforward. The cost was $106 but after some discount and the application of my points, the price went down to $75 which included shipping. I was given ten days to receive this item from Beforwad but to my surprise, I got a call from DHL Malawi that they were keeping my parcel from Japan just after seven days. When I got there I found that my iPhone had arrived. Included in the parcel were a red plastic wrist watch and a $10 discount voucher which I can use as a discount when purchasing other Beforward items. Thanks to Beforward for your honesty and speedy service.

Your items are of very high quality and original, at the same time, affordable. The iPhone that I purchased from you was in very good condition. I paid no tax for it in my country.

Thanks to you for the points that you always give us. They help in reducing the prices further. Your items are inviting and appetising making us wanting to buy the more and more.
The only challenge for the item that I brought was its internet speed which is slower than that of Samsung.



TINASHE CHAIBVA SEIKO-5-SNK574JC-Wrist-Watch-$125-Zimbabwe-_-facebook-ad-500-x-500
SEIKO 5 Automatic watch

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SEIKO 5 Automatic watch $125 / Zimbabwe

BFS ID 1227351 TINASHE CHAIBVA  from Zimbabwe

I bought a Seiko 5 automatic watch from Beforward on the 26th of March 2019. Beforward is a trustworthy company which also reliable in its services. I will always think of Beforward whenever I want to buy something because of their trustworthy, reliability and quick delivery times.

The price is very reasonable as the local shops here sell at exorbitantly high prices. The product was in a very good condition as it was still brand new.

The duties and tax were reasonable considering that the watch was really good. However, I was made to pay FedEx the shipping company an additional amount on the collection of the package – watch.

I quickly remembered the notice on the BeForward website that some shipping companies charge an extra fee on the collection and what exactly happened to me.

On purchase, I had 5 BF points which I used to get a deduction if $5 as a discount and I found this helpful to lower the cost of my watch.

The watch was exceedingly nice than what I was expecting and now I have been wearing it every day since the day I imported it. I am really happy about the watch and next time I need a new watch, I will think of BeFoward again.
So thank you team Beforward for a wonderful service that you have given me.








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