Reviews from BF SUPPORTERS who recently enjoyed shopping at BE FORWARD Electronics & Auto parts!(6)

<b>Reviews from BF SUPPORTERS who recently enjoyed shopping at BE FORWARD Electronics & Auto parts!(6)</b>
MORGAN BANDA  TOSHIBA-dynabook-Satellite-B453 $213-Zambia-facebook-ad-500-x-500
TOSHIBA dynabook Satellite B453 Laptop Computers

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TOSHIBA dynabook Laptop Computers Satellite B453 $213 / Zambia

BFS ID 304662 MORGAN BANDA  from Zambia


I purchased the TOSHIBA dynabook Laptop computers. Because BE FORWARD is reliability company.
The products compared to local selling price was The Best Price of all Site, it was cheaper. The Condition is Excellent.
The tax was good, No duty was charged, I just paid the actual amount. I find BF point is Excellent. I am currently using it and its a really Good Product!!



Duku Benaiah security-camera-glasses---$-454-South-Sudan_-facebook-ad-500-x-500
Security cam

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Security cam & Glasses   $454 / South Sudan

BFS ID 681628 Duku Benaiah   from South Sudan


The items I purchased from BE FORWARD are as follow; Mini security camera, Sunglass with a camera and surveillance security cameras. I purchased the items from BE FORWARD because it’s the most reliable marketplace here and they also have quality products. The prices for the products are low than compared to the other place. The conditions of the items are fine. The taxes and duties, as well as the cost of bank transfer, is high.
I thought that BF Point is important and very useful.

I found its enjoyable and my needs for the items are fulfilled by BE FORWARD.




Ben Hailaula  Apple-iPhone6-16GB--$201 Namibia_-facebook-ad-500-x-500

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Apple iPhone6 16GB Silver $201 / Namibia 

BFS ID 1204998 Ben Hailaula from Namibia 


I purchased the iPhone 6 with “Digital Watch Promotion 10 $ Discount” and my BF5 points as well.  Because with all certainty I trust that BE FORWARD is a company with the quality and elegance of the products and sell everything in electronics that I need!

It cost me very cheap, BE FORWARD has a very affordable price compared at the local price. It takes about $ 7000 to buy an iPhone 6 from Namibia which is $500 at Beforward simply means is very expensive to buy in my country. The products are very clean and in perfect condition. The rates and taxes were good, counting that DHL is a good carrier.

I find my BF points by accessing my account at BE FORWARD and locating my page. BE FORWARD is one of the best selling company I have ever meet because I once bought an iPhone
at Amazon but they never allow me to continue to buy again from them that’s why I choose to BE FORWARD this time.
I am very well enjoying the item, it facilitates in the quality it has, of image, music, games and more! Thanks a lot to BE FORWARD!!



Bright Magocha Apple-iPhone5s-16GB $85 Zimbabwe_-facebook-ad-500-x-500
iPhone 5s

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Apple iPhone5s 16GB Silver $85 / Zimbabwe

BFS ID 1230140 Bright Magocha from Zimbabwe

I bought an iPhone 5s. Because I like BE FORWARD products that have reasonable prices.

The products are cheaper because the local price is expensive. I was worried because it was written as USED at the time of purchase, but it seemed to be new!
I realized BeForward sells satisfying products. Tax and duty for the items are a little bit cheaper.

BF points are realized that they are of great use to me because I bought my phones at a cheaper cost due to that l already have BF points
We are really overwhelmed because these products are fully functional.



Lebani Morapelo  Apple-iPhone5s-16GB--$58 Botswana_-facebook-ad-500-x-500
iPhone 5s

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Apple iPhone5s 16GB Silver $58 / Botswana

BFS ID 327999 Lebani Morapelo from Botswana

I purchased iPhone 5s using my BF 20 points.  Because their prices are affordable and they offer better discounts through BF Points.
The price was way cheaper than my local selling price. The condition of the product was fine despite little scratches. Tax and duties were a little bit higher than expected.
I bought it with PayPal and with BF points.
I’m enjoying using my iPhone since it’s my first time to experience it.



LIMITED BANDA  Apple iPhone5s 16GB $119 Zambia_-facebook-ad-500-x-500
iPhone 5s

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Apple iPhone5s 16GB Silver $119 / Zambia

BFS ID 1227726 LIMITED BANDA  from Zambia

I purchased the iPhone5s 16GB. I purchased from BE FORWARD because is a trusted company and is straight forward. Like its name BE FORWARD.
The price was very good and nice.  The condition was just fine very good and neat. I am so happy because I didn’t pay any tax to accept shipping fee.

I feel so good and happy “BE FORWARD is the best company so What are you waiting for?” Just purchase now you will enjoy!!



Lookias  Apple-iPhone5s-16GB--$35 Zimbabwe_-facebook-ad-500-x-500
iPhone 5s

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Apple iPhone5s 16GB Silver $35 / Zimbabwe

BFS ID 125270 Lookias  from Zimbabwe

I bought an iPhone 5s using my BF 33 points. it is a good second-hand one as they say but it looks even new and best compared to the local ones. No scratch marks no dirty it is still shinning well.

I was happy to receive such a phone like any one ‘s dream…iPhone is the best phone one would wish to have. The duty I paid was very reasonable and it cost the affordable price. However, I had one major complaint on FedEx who is charging too much of their handling fee on receiving and clearing.

Besides, I chose to do the clearing myself but they also insisted some more money for them to release the documents they had for my iPhone they upset me much. Otherwise, BE FORWARD is the best and they have done the best.

Once again, I would advise them to use DHL for my next purchase. BE FORWARD they mean business for life thumbs up for you guys.







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