Reviews from BF SUPPORTERS who recently enjoyed shopping at BE FORWARD Electronics & Auto parts!(7)

Isaiah Mbuzi  Lenovo-503LV-Windows-10_-facebook-ad-500-x-500
Lenovo 503LV Windows 10 Mobile

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Lenovo Windows 10   $92 / Zambia

BFS ID 334227 Isaiah Mbuzi   from Zambia


I purchased the Lenovo 502LV Windows phone. Because I trust BE FORWARD.
Price was cheap compared to the local prices and tax was free. The product is in good condition although it comes without a charger.  By login to My Account and clicking account, BF points are shown at the top.

I enjoy it to the fullest, it’s super fast compared to the android I was using.





Sunday Israel Lenovo-Windows-10-Mobile-smartphone $99--Malawi_-facebook-ad-500-x-500
Lenovo 503LV Windows 10 Mobile

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Lenovo Windows 10  $99 / Malawi 

BFS ID 223646 innocent sinjani   from Malawi 


I purchased smartphone SIM-free Soft Bank Lenovo $99 from BE FORWARD because I was able to use points instead of cash and the prices were cheaper than others from the local sellers.

The condition was very good respectively because it arrived safely and brand new item. And the good thing was that I did not pay tax and duty because it was all delivered by DHL Staff in a good condition and delivered on time.

As a BF Supporter, I convince a customer to buy items from BE FORWARD and then I get points which can be used to get a discount on any purchase from BE FORWARD.  So BF points are good to have points with BE FORWARD since they are helpful on buying items with no cash… no sending dollars.

All the time talking is easy all the time with Lenovo. I am enjoying this item very much!!!!!!!

We enjoy BE FORWARD Every day, Every week, Every month and Every year … all the time…!!





Sunday Israel Apple-iPhone5s-16GB---$62-Nigeria_-facebook-ad-500-x-500
iPhone 5s

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Apple iPhone5s 16GB Silver $62 / Nigeria

BFS ID 556807 Sunday Israel  from Nigeria


The Items I purchased in BE FORWARD are iPhone 5s. The reason I bought it from BE FORWARD is because of high sales. Quality iPhone and this is the third time of purchasing electronics from BE FORWARD!
BE FORWARD price of items is very good, you can’t compare it to anywhere! The condition of the product is nice, it’s like new products.
I did not pay taxes, I went directly to the shipping company and collect the goods. BF Points is the best, 1 point 1 dollar!

I enjoy my life thanks to buying the very good special, unique and good quality items.
Thanks, BE FORWARD!!




Thebeitsile Katlholo  Smart-Watch $56
Smart watch

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Smart Watch $56 / Botswana

BFS ID 535915 Thebeitsile Katlholo  from Botswana


I purchased this Smart Watch from BE FORWARD, well this was not my first time to buy from this.  They didn’t disappoint me and I became my potential customer.
I have trust in BE FORWARD.

All the items I bought from BE FORWARD come with no regrets. As for the local price, I can’t say it since I have never seen this Smart Watch here in my local place, and the watch is in new conditions.
Tax and duties were not bad I hope it deserves it.

I am proudly happy and I recommend whoever want to buy to do it with confidence.




Samuel Tunduwani iPhone6-64GB--$133
iPhone 6

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Apple iPhone6 $133 / Zimbabwe

BFS ID 135020 Samuel Tunduwani  from Zimbabwe


I purchased the iPhone6 from BE FORWARD. The prices were affordable and usually quality products.
I have bought several cars from BE FORWARD and generally got great value. The price was good. Locally, they sell brand new iPhones which are not affordable to some of us and this was a great way of owning an iPhone.
The outside appearances are great. The iPhone 6 is an excellent purchase.  The taxes and duties are 40% of the invoiced amounts for electronics. Quite high but still cheaper than buying brand new items.
They are very good but the only problem is that now you have put an expiry date which is not fair.




Prosper Pardie Samsung-Galaxy-Note5-32GB $212-Ghana-_-facebook-ad-500-x-500
Samsung Galaxy Note5 32GB

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Samsung Galaxy Note5 $212 / Ghana

BFS ID 975877 Prosper Pardie  from Ghana


I purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note5 using my 34 points from BE FORWARD. Because the price was affordable and besides I’m a holder of an account on BE FORWARD.
Very Moderate and affordable is in good condition.  Very cool but will be happy if you could add up more points.

Very happy I’m enjoying its use.




Marshal Shandavu  Apple-iPad-Wi-Fi-16GB $85-Zambia_-facebook-ad-500-x-500
Apple iPad

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Apple iPad $85 / Zambia

BFS ID 223379 Marshal Shandavu  from Zambia


I purchased this iPad from the Beforward Japan Store and it’s a very good product with a strong Battery. I will continue buying merchandise from the store using my BFS ID Number.
May you continue selling durable and reliable products.




Dexter Hubert Rahming CITIZEN-mens-watch-REGUNO-$112-Bahamas_-facebook-ad-500-x-500

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CITIZEN REGUNO Mens Watch $112 / Bahamas

BFS ID 616192 Dexter Hubert Rahming  from Bahamas


I purchased this watch from BE FORWARD because as a BF Supporter I believe in supporting the organization the gives back rewards to its loyal supporter and also because I needed a watch.
In the Bahamas you pay for quality and everything is expensive. With BE FORWARD I was able to pay for quality with half the price. The product was new and I received it in excellent condition. I am very excited.
Taxes was what I expected as shipping is normally costly but overall it was worth it.
I love that 1 BF point is equivalent to $1 US Dollar so every point adds up.

I am excited about my watch and every product. I have purchased from BE FORWARD along with all of my referrals.

Thank you BE FORWARD for making dreams a reality.









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