How to Promote Your Sales & Gain Customer Trust 

 KWEKWE EXPO 2019 was held in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe from Sep 26th to 28th, 2019.
Many companies displayed and advertised their goods and products.
(KWEKWE EXPO Facebook page)

Fotrum Pvt LTD attended this event to effectively market their business and build confidence within his community. Now, Fotrum Pvt LTD enjoys recognition and business contracts from attending the expo and presenting their business to like minded individuals.

Take a look at their experience so that you can get some ideas about how to take action for your business, earn trust, and increase your sales!


1) Choose the Best Event to Attend

We got the expo information from one of the founder guru j manonoke. He encourage us to join since last expo after he saw great potential in us.

To participate this event, we paid $2000zim dollars (About $5 USD).


2) Think About Benefits & Preparations (Use the Free Marketing Materials)

-it’s a fast way of marketing and
-it build confidence to community.

We printed a lot of flyers and t-shirts for the event and gave them to customers.


3) Network With Potential Partners

Wad big change in fact we experienced it from 2018 expo.

It has a positive results.

if you see we are now into big trucks ,buses and we are looking forward to get tenders for supplying many company cars now. all papers to do so are now in order and we are happy we are very much recognised now in our town by our name fotrum! fotrum I can say that again


4) Present Your Business Motto

our core values : honest, punctuality is our motto.

we always want to see our customers smiling and we offer very affordable charges to deliver cars from Tanzania safely.

-we improve our customers service by having weekly company meeting with drivers. do defective lessons refresher course to our drivers

Also we have a time to talk to our clients for comments, complaints and corrections to be done.


5) Choose the Right Source 

We tried all Japanese car dealers but BE FORWARD it’s just the best in terms of order.

What you order is want you get and no tricks, yes here and there challenges are there but BE FORWARD it’s a future car dealer with a good records which we can witness every year we exibit kwekwe exp


Company Name : Fotrum Pvt LTD 

BFS ID : 18678

Country : Zimbabwe


What great example to set for all of our supporters out there. By putting in the time and effort to grow your business activities by attending events, raising awareness of your company, and earning potential customer’s trust, you can also reap the rewards!


If you are a BFSupporter that has enjoyed similar success like Fotrum Pvt LTD and would like to share your experience with us, please feel free to email us your story at!



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