August Campaign 2nd Bonus Winner: Mr. Evans Mbasopi

Congratulations to Mr. Evans Mbasopi from Zimbabwe for winning the 2nd Bonus in our August campaign. He successfully sold 6 units and earned a total of $480

What are the top 5 things on your TO DO List in making sure that you’ll win again?

  1. Keep track record of all my old and new customers and constantly call them updating them of any new things in Be Forward or promotions.
  2. Advertising, make use of BFS promotional / campaign materials so as to constantly remind customer old and new customers.
  3. Keep in touch with Be Forward personnel sales team negotiating prices on behalf of customers.
  4. Make use of my BFS I.D when purchasing so as to get bonuses.
  5. Make sure that my office staff are always wearing Be Forward t-shirts or anything written Be Forward so as to pit confidence in customers.

  Please share your happiest moments as a BF SUPPORTER.


My happiest moment as a BFS was sometime in March when I was pronounced as a winner in the March run up competition, my token of appreciation money was sent to me via Ecocash with no hassles at all, I also used the money as part of deposit to purchase another car from Be forward.

Please describe your daily activities as a BF SUPPORTER.

* Search vehicles on Be Forward website and give advice and assist customers make payments at the bank.

* Make sure am clad/wearing at least one Be Forward material be it a t -shirt to instill some trust in customers that am a BFS.

*Negotiate with sales team on behalf of customers.

* Visit Be Forward website on a daily basis familiarizing myself with new campaigns available.

How do you stay motivated? Please share your secret to inspire other BF SUPPORTERS.

I stay motivated as a BFS because whenever I need assistance from Be Forward staff they give a listening ear and assist me wholeheartedly, Monthly competitions have also motivated me. I feel Be Forward is my employer and I should purchase more vehicles in order to earn more. With scarcity of money and jobs in my country I feel motivated by engaging more customers to buy more vehicles also for the betterment of my welfare as a BFS.

How do you easily refer your friends to BE FORWARD?

I easily refer friends to Be Forward through use of my BFS I.D so that they get a benefit (discount).

I make use of business cards and campaign materials.






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