This is an announcement regarding changes in our following services.

(These changes are same as we announced in the newsletter on March 31st, May 7th and 28th. )



1. Use your BFS ID upon BUY NOW Proforma Invoice (PI) Issuance

Starting from June 1st (Mon, 0:00 JST) 2020, BFS ID input box was moved from the Inquiry page to the BUY NOW page.

・Until May 31st: BFS Input Box is located on the Inquiry Page.
・After June 1st: BFS Input Box is located on the BUY NOW Page.



2. BFS Reward Points

Therefore, from June 1st (Mon, 0:00 JST), to earn BFS Reward points, you must use your BFS ID when you issue BUY NOW PI. (In failure to enter your BFS ID properly at the time of BUY NOW PI, your referral sales will not be approved.)



Starting from May 11th (Monday 0:00 JST) 2020, if you would like to use your points as discounts on your next vehicle purchase, please use our BUY NOW system and issue a Proforma Invoice (PI) by yourself. If you prefer to ask our sales representatives to issue a PI for you, you will not be able to use points.


See “How to use Point?” >>


4. Discounts from BUY NOW System or Sales/Local Agent

Starting from May 11th (Monday 0:00 JST) 2020, we have BUY NOW discounts as usual when you issue a PI via BUY NOW (from our website). However, if you would like to negotiate prices, please contact our Sales Representative/Agent and ask them to issue a PI for you.




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