August Campaign 1st Bonus Winner: Mr. KONDWANI MBULUMA

Congratulations to Mr. Kondwani Mbuluma from Malawi for winning the 1st Bonus in our August campaign. He successfully sold 10 units and earned a total of $600.

What are the top 5 things on your TO DO List in making sure that you’ll win again?

  1. I make sure that my customer gets what he needs.
  2. I look good vehicle so that tomorrow I should not have any problem from my customer.
  3. I help my customer for a good plan and also good time to buy the car.
  4. I also help them to answer any question that may be asked during the processing time.
  5. Any problem happens during their processing I take care for that.

 Please share your happiest moments as a BF SUPPORTER.

My happiness is that I started this business 8 years ago but, I never see this time If Be Forward continues doing this BF SUPPORTER I will be able to develop myself and it will help even to our children to get good education with other resources.

Please describe your daily activities as a BF SUPPORTER.

My daily business is cars thus all I do not do anything.

How do you stay motivated? Please share your secret to inspire other BF SUPPORTERS.

It keeps me looking and it has motivated me to do thing which

I could not do on my son and also has helped me to start working 1:30 am Malawian time looking cars from you only that some other time my brother Tione comes let and had it been I able to work at home that can help me to get what my customer wants on time.

How do you easily refer your friends to BE FORWARD?

It’s difficult to some other time but we share the instruction to customer by telling them the truth.


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