May Campaign Advertise Your Business: PROSPER CARS IMPORTS

Starting from May, we ran a special BF SUPPORTERS campaign where all BF SUPPORTERS running a business can advertise their business on the official BF SUPPORTERS blog.

With the overwhelming response of BF SUPPORTERS, over 380 people participated in this campaign in just a short application period of one week. Today, we are pleased to introduce the business of one of the three winners and his passion as a BF Supporter.

Started a mobile and online marketing business, now expanded into selling BE FORWARD vehicles as a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER.

  • Name: Takunda Prosper Chemambo
  • Company name: PROSPER CARS IMPORTS
  • Location: Chitungwija, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • BFS ID: 1774492

My name is Takunda Prosper Chemambo (BFS ID 1774492), I run a car selling company called “PROSPER CARS IMPORTS” in Chitungwija, Harare, Zimbabwe since 2020. I started my business with mobile and online marketing in July 2020. My business went very well and when I was searching for some ideas to expand my business, I found out about the BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS program on the BE FORWARD website. After I registered as BF SUPPORTERS, I advertised BE FORWARD cars to customers with my BFS ID by using several free marketing materials.

As a result, I succeeded in selling BH758176(Honda Fit) to a customer for the first time in September. The customer was satisfied with the vehicle conditions saying that the vehicle was better than the website photo and was impressed by the BE FORWARD service. Through this experience, I realized that it was a good and reliable source of income. I decided to name my Company “PROSPER CARS IMPORTS” and sell only BE FORWARD vehicles from now on. Since then, 7 units have been successfully sold and 4 units are currently shipped.

Honesty, Integrity and Purpose.

The secret to increase sales while working as a BF supporter was to provide honest and transparent information to all customers. This is the most basic sentence that business owners have ever heard, but I believe that a business owner who adheres to the basics can run their own business well. With the above motto, we meet many customers every day.

My Business Dream is to be an official BE FORWARD Agent. In early July, my new branch opens. So I would like to advertise about the new branch through BE FORWARD. Along with the expansion of my business, I think that sales as BF SUPPORTERS will also increase

Gain Customer’s Trust Through BF SUPPORTERS

The merit of BF SUPPORTERS is being able to gain customer’s confidence. The advantage of it is that we can earn the trust of our customers. I joined BE FORWARD SUPPORTER and did activities to expand my business. When I made a sale and explained BE FORWARD to customers, they were already familiar with BE FORWARD as one of the leading used car companies. When I explained to them that it was possible to buy a BE FORWARD car with additional discounts through officially registered BF SUPPORTERS(me), they opened their minds and communicated deeply about car purchase without hesitation in trusting the information I provided. It made me succeed in my sales and gave me my best experience as a BF SUPPORTER.

My goal as a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER is to open more branches in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, to let more people know about BE FORWARD and provide more information.

We would like to thank PROSPER CARS IMPORTS, who is passionately selling vehicles as BF SUPPORTERS while doing their own business, and we will work together to provide better opportunities to support you in your business expansion in the future. If you live in the Chitungwija area and can visit PROSPER CARS IMPORTS, please enter his BFS ID 1774492 when issuing a BUY NOW invoice on the site after consulting! You will receive a direct discount!

BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Program will become one of the big turning points in your business. Once you register as BE SUPPORTERS, you will get more chances to receive benefits such as BFS ID discounts, Total amount of $2,100 monthly bonus, and professionally made free marketing materials. Registration is FREE.
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