May Campaign Advertise Your Business: ‘Nkandu Derick’

Starting from May, we ran a special BF SUPPORTERS campaign where all BF SUPPORTERS running a business can advertise their business on the official BF SUPPORTERS blog.
With the enthusiastic response of BF SUPPORTERS, over 380 people participated in this campaign in a short application period of one week.
Today, we are happy to introduce the second out of three winners, who has been active as a BF supporter for 8 years.

  • Name: Nkandu Derick
  • Company name: Nkandu Derick
  • Location: Mufumbwe Solwezi, Zambia
  • BFS ID: 326640

My name is Nkandu Derick (BFS ID 326640), I started my business alone in Mufumbwe Solwezi, Zambia in 2013.
Before I became a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER, I was a regular customer of BE FORWARD.
I purchased 2-3 units with the help of a Japanese BF staff.
When I was communicating a lot about vehicles and business with the Japanese staff, he informed me that there is a BF FORWARD SUPPORTERS program.

He then suggested that I try to become a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER and start to build a casual business relationship first for my business.
So I became a BF SUPPORTER and attracted customers and sold several sedans to customers from BE FORWARD. I am very happy that through the BF SUPPORTERS program, I was able to not only build good business relationships with BE FORWARD for about 8 years but also strengthened my business stability.
Today, my business goal is to expand my business further by introducing the BE FORWARD platform to more customers.

Providing Top Quality Vehicles To Customers

The best thing about selling cars to customers is being able to provide useful, good quality cars that fit the customer’s needs and budget. I always make sure to understand their needs first through various consultations.

After applying the BFS discount on the BE FORWARD site, I propose to customers a vehicle whose price and vehicle conditions are within the budget range. I always aim for a customer-oriented business because when we do sales, both the customer and I can have a satisfactory buying/selling experience.
For example, I recently sold a BMW 3 Series to a customer, and I remember the customer was really happy to buy a good quality car with a big discount using my BFS ID.
As a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER, I want to buy and sell over 50 cars at BE FORWARD and have a successful business in my area.

We would like to thank Nkandu Derick, who has expanded his business as a BF supporter for 8 years, and BE FORWARD will actively cooperate with you for making good business harmony in the future.
If you live in the Mufumbwe Solwezi area and can visit Nkandu Derick , please enter his BFS ID 326640 when issuing a BUY NOW invoice on the site after consulting! You will receive a direct discount!

BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Program will become one of the big turning points in your business.
Once you register as BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS, you will get more chances to receive benefits such as BFS ID discounts, $2100 monthly bonus, and professionally made free marketing materials. Registration is FREE. Sign-up as BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS by clicking below!

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