THANK YOU 200K BFS EVENT (Jul 14th ~ Aug 13th 2021)

Participate in our event where in the congratulatory messages you post on your Facebook and Instagram accounts can be featured on our official YouTube channel!
We are delighted to announce that the BF SUPPORTERS program has over 200,000 registered supporters.
To celebrate, we would like to hold a special event until August 13th 2021.
Take videos or pictures with congratulatory messages to the BF SUPPORTERS program and post it with our official hashtags (#carsforsale #beforward #200kbfsupporters #yourbfsID)!

Follow 3 steps to participate in the Event

  1. Take videos or pictures with congratulatory messages to the BF SUPPORTERS program.
  2. Post the video or photo on your Facebook or Instagram account and use the official hashtags.
    ★Official hashtags: #carsforsale #beforward #200kbfsupporters #yourbfsID
    For example, if your BFS ID is “12345”, your hashtags on your post will be: #carsforsale #beforward #200kbfsupporters #bfsid12345
  3. Post it as public on your Facebook and Instagram account.

– All event-related posts are necessary to be published as public posts.
– You must enter all the specified hashtags to be considered participating in the event.
– Those selected for the Best 20 Messages will be contacted personally based on the BFS ID information you entered after August 13th.
– We do not accept applications via whatsapp or email.

We look forward to your participation and congratulatory messages. Please participate in the event!
In addition, the official Instagram of BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS has been opened. Follow us and don’t miss any campaigns & sale information to promote your sales!

If you still not registered on BF SUPPORTERS program, Click here > Free Registration as BF FORWARD SUPPORTERS

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