Advertise Your Business: ‘Be Winner Now – Consultoria S U Lda’

Starting May, all BF SUPPORTERS running a business have launched a special BF SUPPORTERS campaign where they can advertise their business on the official BF SUPPORTERS blog.
Thanks to the enthusiastic response from BF SUPPORTERS, over 380 people participated in this campaign in a short period of one week.
Today, we are delighted to introduce the last of our three winners, who is full of enthusiasm.

Becoming a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER Made My Business Expand and Get Higher Sales Volume

  • Name: Nelson Moiane
  • Company name: Be Winner Now – Consultoria S U Lda
  • Location: Bairro Central Av. Agostinho Neto 1258 corner with Av. Vladimir Lenine (Next to the restaurant Mimos 2), Maputo City, Mozambique
  • BFS ID: 415596

My name is Nelson Moiane (BFS ID 415596), I started the business of importing and selling cars to help people buy vehicles at Bairro Central in Maputo, Mozambique in 2013.
I have been familiar with the company BE FORWARD through several channels.
As a few examples, when I was young, I heard about BE FORWARD from people who bought a car through internet searches, and I heard a lot about BE FORWARD from local advertisements and from various dealers.
So when I decided to do business, I had the heart to provide high-quality vehicles to many Mozambican customers by importing vehicles from BE FORWARD, the largest used car supplier in Japan, without hesitation.

At first, I personally bought and sold vehicles, but since I established my company called Be Winner Now Consultoria Lda which imports used cars from Japan, I became a BF SUPPORTER that actively attracts customers and offers competitive prices to make the best sales.
Looking back now, I think that registering in BF SUPPORTERS was a good choice for business. Because through this, I was able not only to partner with major companies in the used car industry but also to improve the service of my business and reach maximum sales.
If anyone reading this article is thinking about starting a business, I would recommend starting a business with BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS.

Offer My Customer The Best Product And Service

As I said before, I have been importing and selling BE FORWARD cars for 9 years since 2013.
I have purchased vehicles from a wide variety of brands such as Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi.
As you can see in the photos above, the cars are in very good quality. The reason I continue to work as BF SUPPORTERS is that I can provide these high-quality vehicles with the best service and price to the customers I meet with the added BFS ID discount.

Making Our Company A National and Regional Reference in The Used Car Industry

As I run my business, many people ask me what my dreams and goals are as a CEO.
My short-term goal is to become a BF SUPPORTER and local agent who records the highest sales by providing the best quality, service, and price to lots of customers, making the best vehicle-purchasing experience.
It is my dream to steadily expand my business so that my company can be introduced as a good and thriving business in Mozambique and Maputo and to inspire many people as well. In order to achieve my dream, I will continue to work as a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER in the future, and if given the opportunity for an interview next time, I would like to share the story of my dream come true with everyone.

We would like to thank Nelson Moiane, who has acted more confidently as a BF supporter than anyone else, and I hope that your success story will inspire more than 200,000 BF SUPPORTERS around the world next time! BE FORWARD will actively cooperate with you when you need help with your business! Fighting!

If you live nearby Bairro Central Av. Agostinho Neto 1258, Maputo City and can visit Be Winner Now – Consultoria S U Lda , please enter his BFS ID 415596 when issuing a BUY NOW invoice on the site after consulting! You will receive a direct discount!

BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Program will become one of the big turning points in your business.
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