Success Story of BFS Advisor: Emaus Kivike at Tanzania

Name: Emaus Kivike
Position: BF SUPPORTERS Advisor
Country: Tanzania
Company name: Economy Motors Ltd
Location: Mbeya, Tanzania
BFS ID: 152714

If you have questions, aim to know the answers!

I got to know the BF Supporters program through the BF website in 2016 and joined the BF SUPPORTERS program because I was attracted to the fact that I could make profits through sales on my own. After joining the BF SUPPORTERS program, I wanted to know the whole process of importing vehicles. While I was thinking about how to learn this process, I found out that there is a BFS whatsapp group, and I thought that this would be a place where I could learn while solving my questions. At first, we only talked about car deals within the group. However, I actively asked questions about import procedures, customs calculations, and customs procedures that I wanted to know. As a result, many people began to discuss the question I posted, and as many opinions were exchanged, I was able to understand the process of the vehicle import market in Tanzania in depth. Looking back on that time now, I feel that if there is something I want to know and learn, I think through the BF SUPPORTERS program, I learned the ability to put it into practice by thinking about which route I can find to achieve what I want. And I think BE FORWARD also offered me a good opportunity to be an advisor because of my positive attitude at that time. 

To be a leading vehicle importation company that meets customer satisfaction at large.

As mentioned above, the good thing about working as a BF SUPPORTERS is that you can exchange local market information with people in the same country within the whatsapp group, and you can increase your credibility as a BF SUPPORTERS due to the accurate delivery of BE FORWARD. For one episode, I sold iPhones through the BF store as well as cars. In the case of other suppliers, there were several problems such as sending the wrong product or sending the product late after payment, but if you buy through BE FORWARD, the product is delivered according to the set schedule (even when there is a problem, you can receive an immediate report on the problem situation) We were able to provide the best service to our customers. The fact that everything was systematically cleared was one of the strengths of my sales as a BF SUPPORTER. In addition, through listening to customer requirements and providing support and advice as needed, such as roads, I was appointed an advisor by the BF Supporters Manager as a result.

Provide detailed training on calculating import costs for new members

Since I became Tanzania’s representative advisor, I have devoted a lot of my best time to training BFS.
The part that I carefully train is about calculating import costs for new BFS. When I was working as BF SUPPORTERS, I learned this part the most because I spent a lot of time, but I always emphasize this part because understanding this part is the part where I can successfully operate as BF SUPPORTERS. In addition, we regularly provide training on how to use the BE FORWARD website and functions. Any BF SUPPORTERS who need an advisor’s training day can contact me through Whatsapp and I will do my best to support you.

Be confident enough and get to know the BF Website so you can provide enough support to your customer.

If you want to make a steady income as a BF SUPPORTERS, the most important thing is to have confidence. Confidence shows your customers how proud you are of selling vehicles, how smoothly you communicate with any customers, and how professional you look. Therefore, if you have signed up as a BF SUPPORTER, do not rest for learning and getting information through searching and clicking on the BE FORWARD website. Your confidence will rise as much as the time you spend on the BE FORWARD website. Of course your income too.

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10 thoughts on “Success Story of BFS Advisor: Emaus Kivike at Tanzania”

  1. BF vehicles have proved to win the hearts of many customers because their prices are better and you can negotiate if you are really serious of buying any vehicle and warranty given is another talk of Be Forward vehicles by bcustomers.BF never disappoints.This is why am organising my organisation to buy a truck from BF and other vehicles the organisation may buy in the near future,it non other than from BF,Japan.

  2. this is so awesome, i never knew if there are lots of benefits on BE FORWARD. I only use the website to check car prices. How can i start and earn more with BE FORWARD? where can i get more information more information about BE FORWARD..? please help, i’m intrested in this

  3. I am very surprise to see how a BF supporter become a high business man by importing through BF ID. So; youcan share me your experience .

  4. hello mr. Kivike. my name is chienui festus and am fro; cameroon. i am very interested in the BFS program and i really wish to have you as my mentor in this business. i really wish to no ;ore about this program please help me know more about this business. yhis is my whatsapp number.680599484

  5. I’m a new be forward supporter I’m kindly asking if you can help me how to start and I need to join a WhatsApp group for be forward supporters

    • Thank you for your message. ❤️ If you wish to join a WhatsApp group for BF Supporters in your country,
      kindly please contact below number and send us your information:

      +81 70 4413 3321

      1,Your name
      2,BFS ID
      3,Your country

      We will add you to a group upon receipt of your reply.

      For questions regarding your purchase/vehicles please contact to your sales representative via email:


      Thank you very much.


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