Success Story of BFS Advisor: Evans D Mbasopi at Zimbabwe

Name: Evans D. Mbasopi
Position: BF SUPPORTERS Advisor
Country: Zimbabwe
Company name: Of All Times Carsales (pvt)Ltd
Location: Zimbabwe Harare and other towns
BFS ID: 12483

Enthusiasm for selling cars fatten my pockets

In my case, only my interest and passion for automotive vehicles have made me open my own business office since 2012. One day I talked with my friend on how to get a good-conditioned Volkswagen GOLF and sell my old Toyota Hilux. A friend who listened to me introduced me to BE FORWARD, and my friend showed me all the details of how to purchase a vehicle in Japan with the BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS program.
Due to my friend’s efforts, I felt a strong interest in becoming a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER, and one year after starting my business, I joined BF SUPPORTERS and started to become active.
Through the BF SUPPORTERS program, through a whole series of experiences from customer acquisition to management and sales, I have learned how to turn my interest into materials (money or other economical things) that I need to live my life. Furthermore, I could fatten my pocket with money by doing various activities not only selling cars but sponsoring soccer teams and reporting import market trends. I highly recommend the BF SUPPORTERS program, which teaches you how to take the lead in life while teaching you how to reflect the passion you have in your life.

A trustworthy business is growing customer base and making me the best dealer in Zimbabwe

While I worked as a BF SUPPORTERS member, the memorable thing that affected me was I met a BF SUPPORTERS manager who came from Japan to Zimbabwe. Meeting with the manager was very impressive.
They answered any questions from Zimbabwe BF SUPPORTERS very sincerely and imparted their passion for the BF SUPPORTERS program to us. Their communication skills made me completely trust BF FORWARD SUPPORTERS. The experience of meeting them gave me great motivation and strength. After they went back to Japan, I realized that I had to start doing something on my own in Zimbabwe.
So, just like the BF Japan staff did, we began to listen to our customers’ needs and questions, provide accurate information, and maintain a sincere attitude to provide the answers and suggestions they want.
As a result, customers were also impressed with my ‘Customer Respect’ service, and the number of customers gradually increased to come through referral to each other so I could be recognized to be a BF SUPPORTERS Advisor in Zimbabwe from BE FORWARD. And now, to become a top car dealer in Zimbabwe, we are doing our best to meet customers every day.

Love working, supporting, and encouraging other BFS in order to change their lifestyle

Thanks to the full support of BE FORWARD, as a BFS advisor, I have been doing a wide variety of activities in Zimbabwe such as sponsoring a local soccer team, holding a BFS training seminar, donating a vehicle(Ambulance) to our community, customer handling locally, and etc.
It is hard work without rest day by day, but I am actively enjoying my work today to boost motivation for someone because I want to meet the BF SUPPORTERS program through my efforts and create a new way of life and thereby help everyone become rich.

If you fail, keep trying and do not give up until you make it. Keep shining and never give up!

If you want to become an advisor through BF SUPPORTERS like me and expand your business locally, I think perseverance is the most important thing. Don’t give up until your BFS ID is famous in your area. Keep trying even when it seems not working. The first report is not the last report. You can do it. You will definitely get compensation after a certain period of time. If you live in Zimbabwe and need advisors and advice, feel free to contact me. We will do our best to support you on how to become rich. Zimbabwe BF SUPPORTERS fighting!

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