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From May, all BF SUPPORTERS with businesses launched a special BF SUPPORTERS campaign where they can advertise their business on the official BF SUPPORTERS blog.
Thanks to the enthusiastic response of BF SUPPORTERS, over 500 people participated in this campaign in a period of one week.
This time, we would like to introduce the five winners.
Listen to their stories today!

BF Supporters is undoubtedly a real profit/growth business program.

Name: Donald Zinyemba
Company Name: Zinyemba Logistic
Location: T/a CarZ Guru Enterprises 4155 Nharira Way Norton Zimbabwe
BFS ID: 238325

My name is Donald Zinyemba (BFS ID 238325),
When I started to open my taxi business, my first concern was how to secure good-conditioned cars in Zimbabwe with low prices. I observed the vehicle purchase patterns of people in my neighborhood and asked for advice. They let me know that the way to supply cars from Japan is very good and recommended creating a business partnership through BE FORWARD.
Based on their advice, I started looking for all the information through the BE FORWARD web page on the Internet and took the opportunity to run the business through email work with local salespeople.
While using BE FORWARD, I learned that this is a great advantage for customers to handle all the costs of purchasing from the port of landing to the final destination at once, and if they succeed in selling their cars as BF SUPPORTERS, I can make another profit through a reward that gives customers an additional discount.
Probably, many of you who are reading my posts now have a lot of questions about BF SUPPORTERS, and I want to let everyone know that it must be the best program that actually generates profits.

With professionalism and honesty, we are ready to sell a car that fits your budget.

Became an official agent, then became the most sought-after agent within reach of those who want to import cars.
My business motto ‘’Professionalism and honesty, ready to sell a car that fits your budget’’ was created from my unforgettable experience. There was a time when I had to buy a Honda car within my budget of $900. Usually, it was not easy to find a good car at that price so I gave up, but at that time, my account manager, who is a BF salesperson, gave me the lowest price available to Dar es Salaam from BE FORWARD’s inventory. They suggested a list of vehicles and I was able to buy a car in incredible condition.
The high level of professionalism, honesty, and transparency of BE FORWARD that I experienced at that time moved me, and I set this as the basic mindset of business as a BF SUPPORTER.

Become an official BE FORWARD agent with the top sales in my area!

Based on my business goals, every quarter I really do my best to reach customers and spend a lot of time listing vehicles at prices that they find interesting. In particular, like my experience, I first check with my customers the minimum and maximum budgets for their purchase this time and then list the vehicles that are suitable for each customer. And rather than delivering a large amount of information at once, we are sending content several times so that customers can keep in touch with me and receive vehicle recommendations consistently. If you look closely at the contents of BF SUPPORTERS’ blog and Youtube, there is a lot of really good information. My goal this year is to have an office with a smooth internet network and computer equipment. And after 5 years, I will record the most sales in the region I can handle and become an official agent of BE FORWARD.
Those who want to become BF SUPPORTERS and the already BF SUPPORTERS colleagues, let’s change their business lives together as BF SUPPORTERS develop their professionalism!

We would like to thank Donald Zinyemba for his professionalism and honesty as a BF supporter more than anyone, and we hope that your success story will inspire more than 210,000 BF supporters around the world next time! We look forward to the day we can continue a deeper partnership as a BF AGENT manager in 5 years!
For anyone reading this who lives or can visit Norton, you should visit Zinyemba Logistic. After consulting with Donald Zinyemba on purchasing, enter your BFS ID 238325 when issuing a BUY NOW invoice on the site to get an extra discount!

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