Advertise Your Business: ‘ALFREDO AUTOMOTIVES’

From May, all BF SUPPORTERS with businesses launched a special BF SUPPORTERS campaign where they can advertise their business on the official BF SUPPORTERS blog. 

Thanks to the enthusiastic response of BF SUPPORTERS, over 500 people participated in this campaign in a period of one week.

This time, we would like to introduce the five winners.

Listen to their stories today!

Name: Alfred Amponsah 


Location: Kumasi Ghana BFS ID: 1647407

My unforgettable first purchase Toyota Vitz 2010

The reason I started working as a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER was because my first purchasing experience at BE FORWARD was good.

To buy a 2010 Toyota Beats in 2020, I roamed several sites every day to compare and find out prices. Then, through BE FORWARD, I found a high-quality vehicle within my budget and placed an order without hesitation. And when the car arrived, I checked the real thing and was amazed. Not only because it was clean and impeccable, but also because it felt so good on the way home.

I still remember the happiness of that day. All the way home that day, I was like, “How did I get such a great car at this price? I’m so lucky to meet BE FORWARD! That’s what I said.

After that purchase, I checked the regular mail of BE FORWARD and found out that there is a program called BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS. As a BF SUPPORTER, I wanted to convey the impression I felt when I bought a BE FORWARD car to someone else.

Offers you Quality and Affordable Cars from homeland

Based on my experience, I have set my business goal to make my own BFS sales by recommending affordable and good quality cars within the budget of my clients.

After becoming a BF supporter, I advertised to my close colleagues (friends/business partners/family, etc.) that I was working as a BF supporter. I think the secret of my business is to keep reminding close family and friends that I am working hard as a BFS. As we continued the conversation, a friend who knew my condition well introduced another friend (a friend who wants to buy a car), which led to sales. If you’re a BF SUPPORTER, it’s a good idea to make sure the people around you know for sure.

So, while working as a BF SUPPORTER, I wanted to set up a large garage in Ghana Kumashi so that I could bring good vehicles to my customers. So, through BE FORWARD, I analyzed several purchases and, when there were some problems, actively communicated with the salesperson in charge, thereby increasing my sales as a BFS in Ghana.

Build strong loyal customers and become partners throughout the entire vehicle buying process.

As a BF SUPPORTER, my goal this year is to build strong customer relationships. Through self-study of vehicles, in-depth understanding of customs and import procedures, I want to give customers a sense of trust that cannot be compared with anyone else. And through this, I want to feel a sense of accomplishment in car sales by establishing my own regular customer base who first comes to me when buying a car in Ghana. I will find out what I can do every day, study it, take action, and be selected as a BFS Gold MEMBER in the first quarter of 2022!


More than anyone else, we would like to thank Alfred Amponsah for his passionate work as a BF Supporter in Kumashi, and we hope that your success story will inspire more than 210,000 BF Supporters around the world next time!

Anyone reading this who lives or can visit Kumashi should visit ALFREDO AUTOMOTIVES. After discussing your purchase with Alfred Amponsah, enter your BFS ID 1647407 when issuing the BUY NOW invoice on the site to receive an additional discount!

The BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Program will become one of the big turning points in your business.

Once you register as BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS, you will get more chances to receive benefits such as BFS ID discounts, $2100 monthly bonus, and professionally made free marketing materials. Registration is FREE. Sign-up as BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS by clicking below!

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