Buy Now and Receive Before Christmas!

If you are planning to buy a vehicle form BE FORWARD for Christmas, don’t wait till December to make your order.

We are close to the end of the month, time to give presents to our beloveds. If you are planning to import a vehicle form Be Forward to give as a present to beloveds or to your Self, don’t wait till December!

The is a time from the purchase, till the vehicle and documentation be prepared for Booking the ship, also the time the cargo will take to reach the port destination in your country. Most of clients do not have an Idea how long it takes. If you purchase now you will for sure receive the vehicle before Christmas.

We have vehicle with a start up price form $11 (note that this vehicle might be already reserved by the time you check the web site). Still we also have a lot of units with price range below $500, price without shipping and additional costs.

Take a look! You may find an unit you are looking for.



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