GAGNEZ 10 $ GRATUITS (octobre)!

CAMPAGNE DE POINTS SPÉCIAUX (octobre) INSCRIPTION GRATUITE Lorsque vous créez un compte, vous pouvez obtenir 10 $ (10 points) que vous pouvez utiliser comme remises sur votre prochain achat. Ne manquez pas cette grande chance. Rejoignez-nous et gagnons gros!💰💵 Vous pouvez utiliser les points BE FORWARD quand vous achetez des véhicules / articles sur le site Web BE FORWARD. (Les points pour les véhicules peuvent être utilisés que via “ACHETER MAINTENANT”.) Après avoir créé votre compte et enregistré comme SUPPORTERS BF, vous aurez de nombreuses informations sur les CAMPAGNES SPÉCIALES que vous recevrez via les Newsletters de BF SUPPORTERS. Rien à perdre. Plus vous gagnez de points, plus d’avantages que … Read more

GET $10 FOR FREE (October)!

POINT UP CAMPAIGN (October)! 𝐑𝐞𝐠𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐅𝐎𝐑 𝐅𝐑𝐄𝐄 When you create an account, you can get $10 (10points) which you can use as discounts on your next purchase. Don’t miss this big chance. Join us and let’s EARN BIG!💰💵 You can use BE FORWARD Points when shopping for vehicles / items from the BE FORWARD website. (Points for vehicles can be used through “BUY NOW” only.) Once you created your account and registered as BF SUPPORTERS, you will have many SPECIAL CAMPAIGNS information which you will receive via BF SUPPORTERS Newsletters. Nothing to loose. More points you earn, more benefits you will receive. Join us before the campaign ends!   Create … Read more

GET $320! Zimbabwe SPECIAL WEEK!

Starting from October 9th (Friday) to 15th (Thursday), YOU CAN GET $300 (300points) on EVERY BUS purchase!   BUY 1 BUS, GET $300 Campaign detail Promotion period: 10/9 Friday (JST 0:00~) ~ 10/15 Thursday (~JST 23:59) – How to get points? 1: Issue PI for a bus via BUY NOW with your BFS ID during the campaign period. 2: Once we received the full payment, the 300 points (=$300) will be applied to your account. ※ If you failed to use BFS ID when you issue a PI through BUY NOW, you cannot get 300 pts. ※ Target consignee country is Zimbabwe only. ※ If you did not sign up as a BF Supporter, please sign up from … Read more

Quel est le point BF?

Vous pouvez utiliser vos points pour acheter n’importe quel article de BE FORWARD. 1 point peut être utilisé comme 1 USD. (Les points pour les véhicules peuvent être utilisés que via “ACHETER MAINTENANT”.) Vous pouvez utiliser les points BE FORWARD lorsque vous achetez des véhicules / articles sur le site BE FORWARD. Les points pour les véhicules ne peuvent être utilisés que via “BUY NOW (ACHETER MAINTENANT)”.   Comment gagner des points? Vous pouvez gagner des Point BF de nombreuses “POINT CAMPAGNES”.   1: BUY NOW CAMPAIGN (ACHETER MAINTENANT) -Si vous achetez un véhicule en utilisant BUY NOW, vous pouvez gagner 20 points. (=20 USD) -Vous pouvez également obtenir une … Read more


Ceci est une annonce concernant des changements dans nos services suivants. (Ces changements sont les mêmes que ceux que nous avons annoncés dans la newsletter des 31 mars, 7 et 28 mai.)     1. Utilisez votre identifiant BFS lors de l’émission de la facture pro forma (PI) ACHETER MAINTENANT À partir du 1er juin (lundi, 0:00 JST) 2020, la zone de saisie de l’ID BFS a été déplacée de la page Enquête vers la page ACHETER MAINTENANT. ・ Jusqu’au 31 mai: la boîte de saisie BFS se trouve sur la page de demande. ・ Après le 1er juin: la boîte de saisie BFS se trouve sur la page ACHETER … Read more


 Este é um anúncio sobre mudanças em nossos seguintes serviços. (Estas mudanças são os mesmos que nós anunciamos no boletim em 31 de março, 07 de maio e 28).     1. Use seu BFS ID sobre Emissão Proforma Invoice (PI) no BUY NOW A partir de 01 de junho (Mon, 00:00 JST) de 2020, a caixa de entrada BFS ID foi transferido da página pedidos para a página do BUY NOW. · Até 31 de Maio: BFS Input Box está localizada na Página de pedidos. · Depois de 01 de junho: BFS Input Box está localizada na página BUY NOW.     2. BFS Pontos de Reward Portanto, a partir … Read more


   This is an announcement regarding changes in our following services. (These changes are same as we announced in the newsletter on March 31st, May 7th and 28th. )     1. Use your BFS ID upon BUY NOW Proforma Invoice (PI) Issuance Starting from June 1st (Mon, 0:00 JST) 2020, BFS ID input box was moved from the Inquiry page to the BUY NOW page. ・Until May 31st: BFS Input Box is located on the Inquiry Page. ・After June 1st: BFS Input Box is located on the BUY NOW Page.     2. BFS Reward Points Therefore, from June 1st (Mon, 0:00 JST), to earn BFS Reward points, you must use … Read more


BE FORWARD is a Japanese company that is widely known for selling used cars online. But truth is that we do not only sell cars, we also sell new and used auto parts and other items that can be viewed at BE FORWARD AUTO PARTS website. The company stocks a wide range of spare parts that includes but not limited to:  Engines and engine components (See products>>) Suspensions and suspension components (See products>>) Lightings (headlamps, tail lamps, fog lights) (See products>>) Body parts (Bumpers, fenders, nose cuts) (See products>>) Transmission and drivetrain (gearbox, axles, driveshafts, differentials) (See products>>) Exhaust systems and their components (manifold, catalytic converters, mufflers) (See products>>) Interior … Read more

How to Buy a Fuel-efficient Car Using a Smartphone

Have you ever wondered how easy to purchase a car from BE FORWARD using a smartphone? Today let us see how it works. We will start by clicking here:, which goes to a special BE FORWARD’s website for smartphone users.  When it comes to daily use of cars, one might think of a fuel-efficient car which mostly falls under 1,800cc like Toyota IST, Toyota Vitz, Toyota Runx, Toyota Premio, Toyota Allion, Toyota  Wish, Toyota Raum, VW polo, Suzuki Escudo, BMW 3 Series and many more. Now to get your favorite list, see the steps how to find.     1. Click search button to get filtering form.     … Read more

Next Grading Period(Jan 1st to June 30th, 2020)

Thank you for your hard work and dedication! The announcement for the new grading period (Jan 1st – June 30th, 2020) has started. All newly upgraded to gold membership will be informed within January 2020! For the BF Supporters who have already received their Gold Membership Certificate and other exclusive and limited edition goods for the 1st grading term of last year (Jan 1st~Jun 30th 2019), thank you so much, it has been our pleasure to receive your HAPPY voices. The second term of Grading period this year is now ongoing. We hope that for those who missed getting their membership upgraded to Gold last time will get upgraded this … Read more