Success Story of BFS Advisor: Emaus Kivike at Tanzania

Name: Emaus KivikePosition: BF SUPPORTERS AdvisorCountry: TanzaniaCompany name: Economy Motors LtdLocation: Mbeya, TanzaniaBFS ID: 152714 If you have questions, aim to know the answers! I got to know the BF Supporters program through the BF website in 2016 and joined the BF SUPPORTERS program because I was attracted to the fact that I could make profits through sales on my own. After joining the BF SUPPORTERS program, I wanted to know the whole process of importing vehicles. While I was thinking about how to learn this process, I found out that there is a BFS whatsapp group, and I thought that this would be a place where I could learn … Read more

Success Story of BFS Adviser: Grivin Sauka at Malawi

Name: Grivin SaukaPosition: BF SUPPORTERS AdviserCountry: MalawiCompany name: SAFE HANDS GENERAL DEALERSLocation: SALIMA, MalawiBFS ID: 26069 Unique BFS benefits made me join and it has made an improvement in the financial aspects of my life. I’ve been running my own business since 2011 as a business consultant. While I run a business, I thought that I need to challenge myself to make a more stable income through other work.So, I found the BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Program through an internet search and unique benefits such as I can get to seize the opportunity to receive a monthly bonus of $2,100 by selling a vehicle, a special campaign for BF SUPPORTERS (weekend … Read more

How to Promote Your Sales & Gain Customer Trust 

 KWEKWE EXPO 2019 was held in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe from Sep 26th to 28th, 2019. Many companies displayed and advertised their goods and products. (KWEKWE EXPO Facebook page) Fotrum Pvt LTD attended this event to effectively market their business and build confidence within his community. Now, Fotrum Pvt LTD enjoys recognition and business contracts from attending the expo and presenting their business to like minded individuals. Take a look at their experience so that you can get some ideas about how to take action for your business, earn trust, and increase your sales!   1) Choose the Best Event to Attend We got the expo information from one of the founder … Read more


Click here to see the item. Apple iPhone5s 16GB Silver $59 / Mozambique BFS ID 694142 Clinton Kampango  from Mozambique I bought an iPhone 5s in the campaign “BUY A CAR & GET iPhone for $39 Campaign”. Because with all certainty I trust Beforward, is a company with products quality and elegance and sell everything in electronics that I need! It cost me very cheap, The Beforward has a very affordable price compared at the price of my location. The products are very clean and in perfect condition. The rates and taxes were good, counting that DHL is a good carrier.I find my BF points by accessing my account at and … Read more

January Campaign 2nd Bonus Winner:
Dennis Gontha

Congratulations to Mr. Dennis Gontha from Malawi for winning a Bonus in our January Campaign! Earned a Total Bonus of $700.   1. What was the most important thing when you started selling vehicles for the first time? How did you build the trust on your first sale? ⇒The most important thing to me when I sold my car for the first time was a great sense of satisfaction, knowing that I had handed over the car to its next owner.   2. Do you have any idea on how to improve our FREE Marketing materials which are available to download from your My Account page? ⇒I am deeply satisfied … Read more

Reviews from BF SUPPORTERS who recently enjoyed shopping at BE FORWARD Electronics & Auto parts!(4)

Click here to see the item. Apple iPhone6 16GB Gold $178 / Malawi BFS ID 26590 GIFT NKHOMA from Malawi I have purchased an iPhone 6 though the first one was faulty but BE FORWARD replaced it with another one. I love it. It’s like 100% new and has no scratches. Battery is very strong. I purchased through BE FORWARD because the prices are affordable and these iPhone are original and have good quality. They are very cheap compared to local prices. $40 was charged as tax and duties. By purchasing iPhone my life has changed and it is helping me a lot with my business of importing vehicles from BE FORWARD. … Read more

December Campaign 3rd Bonus Winner:
Dennis Gontha

Congratulations to Mr. Dennis Gontha from Malawi for winning a Bonus in our December Campaign! Earned a Total Bonus of $553.   1. How do you usually make your customers trust you and buy cars/products from you? ⇒ I’m always honest with my customers. I normally tell them to monitor every transaction, hence they trust me all the time.   2.What is the most important thing that makes you gain the trust of your new customers when you sell our products? ⇒ Hard work and honesty.   3.Which brand and model of smartphone is popular in your country and why? How much memory (GigaBytes) is enough for a smartphone do … Read more

New Gold Members and the Next Grading Period

Thank you for your hard work and dedication! The announcement for the 2nd grading period (1st July – 31st December 2018) has started. All newly upgraded to gold membership will be informed within January 2019! For the BF Supporters who have already received their Gold Membership Certificate and other exclusive and limited edition goods for the 1st grading term (1st Jan~30th June, 2018), thank you so much, it has been our pleasure to receive your HAPPY voices. The first term of Grading period this year is now ongoing. We hope that for those who missed getting their membership upgraded to Gold last time will get upgraded this time.   First … Read more

BFS Gold Members Started Receiving Certificates!

We are excited to receive HAPPY Voices from our BFS Gold Members!422 BF SUPPORTERS have been upgraded to Gold Membership while 598 to Silver Membership. If you become a BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Gold Member or Silver Member, you can enjoy more privileges. Some of the benefits you can get as a Gold Member are exclusive marketing materials and a Certificate issued officially by BE FORWARD. The Certificate and Gold Membership stickers can be used to advertise yourself more as proofs of high performance recognized by BE FORWARD. BE FORWARD honors those Supporters who consistently maintain the volume of their referrals and reward. The additional criteria for the upgrade of membership … Read more

November Campaign 2nd Bonus Winner:
Mr.Dennis Gontha

Congratulations to Mr. Dennis Gontha from Malawi for winning a Bonus in our November campaign! Earned a Total Bonus of $699.   1. What do you think are the popular gadgets that are usually being imported from Japan? Are there any must-buy items beside Smartphones and watches? List the names of products.? ⇒Laptops are popular in Malawi.   2. Did you know that you can buy iPhone value packs from BE FORWARD at a reasonable price? Have you tried selling iPhone to your customers? How was it compared to the quality and price of the iPhone in your local market? ⇒ Yeah, I know I can buy iPhone value pack at a … Read more