Happy Voices from BFS Gold Members of the 2nd Evaluation in 2022

We are excited to share the HAPPY Voices from our BFS Gold Members! If you become a BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS Gold Member or Silver Member, you can enjoy more privileges. Some of the benefits you can get as a Gold Member are exclusive marketing materials and a Certificate issued officially by BE FORWARD. The Certificate and Gold Membership stickers can be used to advertise yourself more as proof of high performance recognized by BE FORWARD. BE FORWARD honors those Supporters who consistently maintain the volume of their referrals and reward. The additional criteria for the upgrade of membership are a high Close Rate (Percentage of a successful referral out of … Read more


Get a Certificate from Us and Gain Trust! We would like to salute and recognize our loyal and hard-working BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS in 2016! We are complimenting the top 100 BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS by giving away certificate of appreciation and original BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS polo shirts. May this gesture bring about trust among our BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS’ own communities that leads to a more prosperous business ventures as BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS. The announcement will be held on January 11th, 2017. So keep up the great work in December and hopefully you’ll be part of the top 100 BFS. Award & Compliments *Note: The top BFS from some of the Oceania … Read more

Marketing Strategies for BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS

Written by Kangala EzraAddress: Mwanza, TanzaniaBFS ID: 86754WhatsApp: +255 768 091 133 Mr. Kangala is one of the leading BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS. He has been successful at SNS marketing and making sales. He has got almost 3,000 followers on Instagram since he has started his activities as a BFS.   How to advertise yourself as a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER (BFS) Selling vehicles and searching for referrals/customers is more competitive and challenging than ever, so as a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER regardless of any position you hold you need any advantage you can get to publish yourself to the customers. I’ve been into this BFS program for months now and managed Internet … Read more

October Campaign 3rd Bonus Winner: Mr. Selemani Kimomwe

Congratulations to Mr. Selemani Kimomwe  from Tanzania for winning the 3rd Bonus in our October campaign. He successfully sold 9 units and earned a total Bonus of $910. What are the top 5 things on your TO DO List in making sure that you’ll win again? Top 5 things on my TO DO List: Please share your happiest moments as a BF SUPPORTER. My happiest moments as a BF SUPPORTER was the BIG REWARD I received in OCTOBER CAMPAIGN plus a bonus as a 3rd runner up. I’m a very happy person to start this month of November with a big money in my hand. Please describe your daily activities … Read more