Guide in Selecting Vehicles for Import to Your Country

Before starting your journey in finding your ideal car, it is wise to first know the limitations imposed by your country on vehicle importation. Due to certain laws on carbon emissions and other factors, some countries reject certain manufacture year of vehicles from entering their countries. So, please refer to the following regulations on importation of vehicles in your country to avoid any inconvenience.

Please be advised that the following information is subject to change without notice. For up to date information, please refer to the Customs and Border Protection in your country.

Regulations on importing vehicles to your country:

Bahamas: Minimum Year: 2008   Click Here

Angola: Minimum Year: 2013       Click Here

Burundi: Minimum Year: 2006     Click Here

Canada: Up To Year: 2002            Click Here

Cyprus: Minimum Year: 2013      Click Here

Jamaica: Minimum Year: 2012        Click Here

Kenya: Minimum Year: 2011        Click Here

Liberia: Minimum Year: 2006       Click Here

Namibia: Minimum Year: 2010     Click Here

United States: Up To Year: 1992   Click Here

Malawi: 2008 and older vehicles require higher tax, so selecting from 2009 is the best option.
Click Here

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