Current Promotions For BF SUPPORTERS

Check available Promotions & Bonuses for BF Supporters. Increase your rewards and in-comings participating.


Buy One Get Double Reward!(TANZANIA ONLY)

Buy One Get Double Reward Promotion is designed to double the reward of our BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS. If you are not a BE FORWARD SUPPORTER yet, please sign up first. After signing up and purchasing a vehicle from us, you will receive either up to $100 cash back or up to 200 BF points for every purchase you make. The 200 points is equivalent to $200 discount, which you can use to buy any of our electronic products and vehicles. In order to receive the double points, your payment method must be set to “BF Wallet” and your purchase must be within the month of September. Read more>>


We’ll Double Your Rewards with Bitcoin Payment!

Benefits in Selecting Bitcoin

Double Reward: All rewards will be doubled with Bitcoin payment method. For example: if your reward is $100, we will add $100 on top of it to give you a total of $200.
Hassle Free!
Use Your Bitcoins to Purchase Auto Parts: You can purchase Auto Parts from BE FORWARD using Bitcoin! You can also buy other merchandise online, or sell Bitcoin and withdraw in the currency you prefer. Read more>>



 Get $20 OFF For Using Our Clearing and Delivery Service

Offering Two Kinds of Discounts

This is an Exclusive Offer for BF SUPPORTERS who use the Dar es Salaam port!
You can get $20 OFF for using our official “Clearing and Delivery Service” offered by BE FORWARD TANZANIA. Click here>>



 Monthly Bonus

Earn Up to $500 by Becoming Top Sellers!

Bonus is given to the BF SUPPORTERS with the most referrals and highest sales at the end of every month. Five Bonuses are given to African countries and one Bonus to Caribbean and Oceania countries. Click here>>


Share Your Tips and Get Reward

Get $20 in Cash and Expand Your Network!

bfs-tips-banner2Share some of your BFS sales and marketing strategies and tips for your fellow BF SUPPORTERS and get rewarded! If your tips are proven effective and approved by us, you will be rewarded with a $20 cash reward and you can expand your network and gain their trust by being introduced and published on our official BFS blog.
Click here>>




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